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Since I know several people are interested in my bipolar androgen therapy, here is my progress to date. I am at the end of my third cycle and had scans last week. After declining by roughly 50% my PSA increased about 10 % to 2800 last week. That was the disappointing news. On the positive side the CT scan showed shrinking in both the lymph and liver mets, and continued evidence the liver mets were actually healing and the bone scan showed no new activity, so pending adverse results the doctor recommended continuing BAT for two more months. In terms of how I feel, I remain basically pain free with no significant fatigue. Since I started BAT I had had some difficulty with urination and have had to go frequently both day and night, but since I go back to sleep with no difficulty, it is just annoying.

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  • I'm glad to hear the good news on your mets. Thanks for sharing your BAT experience.

  • Great news on the scans, thanks very much for sharing and please keep us updated.

  • Sorry I am new to BAT

    , end of 3 cycle means what? How long is a cycle? a month, 2 or 3 months?

  • The testosterone injection is every 28 days.

  • I read somewhere that BAT (or rather TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy) should not be given to men with pain from the condition. Did they mention that to you? I noticed you mentioned you have some pain. I guess there's a threshold level.

  • My pain has been minimal. Yes, they do not give BAT if you have bone pain.

  • Thank you Gecrellin. Dr Denmeade has said on Feb 2017 that it is fine to take Xofigo for bones together with BAT, Final question, do you take Test with Lupron the same day or week, or it does not matter. Assuming you are taking monthly ADT injections, what is the right sequence. Best of luck.

  • My lupron injections are either the 3-month or 4-month depending on my travel plans. They have not coincided with the testosterone injection.

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