Astaxanthin - Inhibits PC-3 PCa Growth in Mice

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"Foods/Supplements-Vitamins: Astaxanthin"


Mar Drugs. 2017 Mar 8;15(3). pii: E66. doi: 10.3390/md15030066.

Astaxanthin Inhibits PC-3 Xenograft Prostate Tumor Growth in Nude Mice.

Ni X1, Yu H2, Wang S3, Zhang C4, Shen S5.

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Prostate cancer (PCa), the most common malignancy in men, is a major cause of cancer deaths. A better understanding of the mechanisms that drive tumor initiation and progression may identify actionable targets to improve treatment of this patient group. As a dietary carotenoid, astaxanthin has been demonstrated to exert beneficial effects against inflammation, cardiovascular disease, oxidative damage, or different cancer sites. This study used intragastric administration of astaxanthin to detect its role on tumor proliferation, apoptosis, microRNA (miRNA) overexpression, and microbacteria composition change by establishing androgen-independent PCa cell PC-3 xenograft nude mice. Nude mice were inoculated with androgen-independent prostate cancer PC-3 cells subcutaneously. The intervention was started when tumors reached 0.5-0.6 cm in diameter. Mice were intragastrically administered 100 mg/kg astaxanthin (HA), 25 mg/kg astaxanthin (LA), or olive oil (TC). The results showed that 100 mg/kg astaxanthin significantly inhibited tumor growth compared to the TC group, with an inhibitory rate of 41.7%. A decrease of Ki67 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) as well as an increase of cleaved caspase-3 were observed in HA-treated tumors, along with increasing apoptotic cells, obtained by TUNEL assay. The HA significantly elevated the levels of tumor suppressors miR-375 and miR-487b in tumor tissues and the amount of Lactobacillus sp. and Lachnospiraceae in mice stools, while there was no significant difference between LA and TC groups. These results provide a promising regimen to enhance the therapeutic effect in a dietary supplement manner.


PCR-DGGE; astaxanthin; immunohistochemistry; miRNA; prostate cancer

PMID: 28282880 DOI: 10.3390/md15030066

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  • Do you take this? I never heard of it until now? Anyone? Ty again for the resources. Very grateful

  • Nalakrats was an early user. I'm a newbie:


  • Patrick, what's your dosage? Thanks.


  • Neal,

    Just 4 mg.

    But I do eat salmon too.


  • Thanks, Patrick.

    I eat lots of salmon, preferably wild-caught Alaskan.


  • Patrick, I want to do a more general price comparison of your Swanson, Nal's Vitacost & my iHerb, but here's 1 for asthaxanthin 4 mg:

    Swanson: 60 for $14.99

    iHerb: 60 for $9, NOW brand. (iHerb's minimum free shipment is $35)

    Vitacost: 60 for $11.90 (Jarrow), 90 for $16.47 (NOW)

    I did compare several products between iHerb & Vitacost when I was rushing to prepare for our trip (coming home 3/20). I didn't have time to compare Swanson. I ended up buying some from each company.

    I get fast service from iHerb & Vitacost, but iHerb is in my state, CA, & Vitacost is next door in NV, so they may not be as good for you unless they have an Eastern distribution center.

    I know you may be too busy or financially comfortable to care about who's got the best deals, but I wanted you to know in case this does interest you.


  • P.S. to you & Nal: I just ordered 4 bottles from iHerb ($36, so I got free shipping). The website reminded me that I should give potential new customers my Reward Code, DER385. If you use that, I'll get a 10% credit on your current & future orders. You'll get your on reward code that you can pass on to others. BTW, the free shipping is 2 to 5 days.

  • Neal,

    I switched from iHerb to Swanson years ago when I realized that DIM Plus was much cheaper there.

    I liked iHerb in general, but wondered if they were customizing the price of things I used a lot of.

    But no, there is still a big difference: $20.55 versus $26.04 for 180 caps.

    At Swanson, I hold out until they offer 20% off everything. & get free shipping.


  • And I thought you were the doctor & I was the lawyer!

  • I take it, but only 2 capsules a day. Not an effective dose if humans react the same. I would need to take 9 grams a day to be equal to nude mice.



  • Patrick--this supplement has been in my diet routine for 5 years. Originally taken as a strong Anti-Oxidant--and I believe the key food for this is Wild Salmon, especially Salmon, with the most deepest color. I take every other day--as my daily intake of other strong anti-oxidants is quite large.

    Good to know, that it is being associated with Pca.


  • Nal, check out my price comparison message to Patrick, a couple of messages up. Hope you got to fish to your heart's content.


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