WTF! Scoliosis? Really?

I have some tenderness on the skin of my back, left side only. To rule out anything obvious, my PCP had me get an X-ray. Nothing there, except a new curve in my spine. I know I have a few mets and some degenerative disease, but holy sh*t. This just came up in the last few years. It's not as much a curve, as it is more like an angle.

I'm wondering if I should have expected this?


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  • Boy that sucks Joe...I am told to expect osteoporosis and heart disease.After losing all of my muscle and 40'pounds , I can see it can happen..The golden years!!!!

  • :(

  • Joe, it looks worse than it is. I was born with two curves so I'm a Stella Dora cookie. Lol and it didn't effect me for 20 years. Best to do exercises they can give you in pt and to watch your posture more. As far as degenerative.if it's degenerative disk disease I'm 41 and I got diagnosed 3 years ago. Some people have symptoms, some have none at all. The names sounds worse than they actually are and it's normal for your age, just wear and tear of a life well lived. I know it sucks to see a scan with anything new, believe me I know and I'm here to tell you I'm living with both and have been from a very young age. Only concern yourself with your symptoms and relieving them. Trigger point acupuncture helps a lot with muscles spasm and tightmess on one side from my scoliosis, as does yoga and it's just gods way of saying, hey Joe, yeah you, get your head back up and stand up straight and proud . Xoxo

  • You are very brave dealing with this as long as you have.Accupunture,yoga,gee gong ,all great suggestions.And I agree do whatever you can to treat symptoms. great advice for us all Thanks!

  • Thank you so much. the company of bravery on here, and the smiles , courage, and persevere are contagious. Healing to all. Xoxo

  • Ugh. Sorry Joe. The cancer and the treatments make many undesirable changes to body and mind. Keeping your soul healthy and happy is key. Not an easy task. I am always on the verge of giving up.

    Sending you hope.


  • Ya know Bill, it doesn't bother me at all. I was just very surprised that it came up in just a couple of years. I plan on leaning to my left as much as possible. lol


  • I've never been a quitter,but " on the verge" kinda sums up for me living with the side effects and after math of treatments-.We must dig deep to keep it together.Im in the same shoes.Thanks!

  • I know. I hear that loud and clear. The side affects from Lupton (3 yes now) are pushing me past the point of tolerance. My body has gone from the muscular an masculine way it used to look to more like my mom when she was in her 50s. I can't stand it. It is embarrassing and I'm ashamed. My partner won't be sexual with me. He states he's not attracted of me anymore and I can't blame him. If I knew I'd get my testosterone back at some point...I'd be hopeful...but...that doesn't seem to be a possibility...ever. so...I feel like ending my life. Not sure what there is to live for as my body becomes more feminine or just less male. I'm at the gym 5 days a week and it makes no difference.

  • YO! Yo, yo. You've got to lighten up a bit bro. I look at it this way, thank goodness my belly is bigger than my boobs, it kinda just looks like I'm a fat skinny guy. If your partner can't hack it, find someone else. He's obvious not worth it. He sounds like my wife, but in another fashion. Keep strong, man!


  • Thx Joe.

  • You are so uplifting with humor..We're all going thru the same bull----! You are exactly correct.

  • This is serious stuff..only someone going through this can relate.I relate totally.5days in gym.Thats great, don.t stop that.Funny I told my wife that I'm turning into my mother.Inever liked pain ,but now just the smallest things like stubbing my toe or anything hittting my body is crazy pain.So A. D. T. Is to me making us androids or in my case tired of the shots for life I opted for orchiectomy 9-1-16...Iwas already chemically castrated, along with radiation my balls faded to nada ..Still fora man a difficult decision.Now I'm a eunich.If no sex I hope that your partner shows love in other ways.If I didn't have love I couldn't be here.If I dwell on the negativity and what I was compared to what I am now,I can easily go down a negative rabbit whole into a suicidal death spiral..At first I thought stopping the A. D. T. Would lessen the side effects, but no the fact is both the surgery and A. D. T have the same intent to stop all testosterone. So it is that end result that is needed to keep P. C. At bay as long as possible. So without the shots I still have all the same side effects. It how it is without testosterone .Do not kill yourself.Our sexual identity is just one of many Ways that we identify ourself.Consentrate on those traits that are good. We need to identify with our higher self.Kindness , generosity, compassion ,for others..We just got a puppy .I highly recommend a pet.They never judge you ,all they need is love.Just talking to you shoes that neither one of us is alone in this.Thank you for posting..It helps me to relate to you.And truthfully, anyone going through this has the same thought at one point.Most go unspoken,stoic..That's no better.Hang in there brother in arms..Please stay in touch

  • Thx Lulu. Partner is meeting other guys for sex. He denies this...thinking I don't know about just awesome me feel unattractive...not sexy...a physical wreck. I had a really good body...etc 3 yes ago prior to this mess. If I leave him and I may...I will be alone again and I can't see anyone wanting me at this point. For me...I can't get past the rejection and how I see myself now. So...without the hope that I will get past this and regain what makes me physically a man which will help the psychology...I don't know what to do other than give up.

  • I know a few men not unlike yourself, but it seems like your relationship isn't going anywhere. I once told my wife to go out and get laid, but now I read your post, and have a totally different point of view.

  • If we lose hope ,we are thru..I go into the same stuff weekly.We have to not give into the dread.Find ways to free our mind.

  • I do not know but I preach exercise and weight bearing gym work 3-4 times a week at any age.

    I am going to order a back posture enhancer, from Amazon---just because of what you describe---and I hit the weights heavy---and I am 73---ADT can play havoc with bones.


  • You're my hero! Keep up the good work.

  • Nother just bones. It ads fat pads to you hips and stomach and flattens out your basically begin to look like a woman or something inbetween.a eunik. Horrible. So embarrassing. And the Lupton isn't stopping all the cancer. It still advances. What the Hell?

  • Yes it does. Where are you in your journey and what are you taking, as to drugs and supplements--I might have [not approved by doctors suggestions].


  • Just Lupton riget now. The Zytiga and Xtandi stopped working. And I get Zometa with Lupton shot. I take creatine and HMB prior to gym and after and Arginine Pyroglutamate Lysine before bed.

    Thanks for responding...

  • You are fighting for your life ,as we all are.If someone is not supportive I'm with Joe Kam..That won't work.We all deserve unconditional love.Including you..Treat yourself with kindness.Find love were you can.Your worth is not determined by sex ,looks, or physical strength.It in your heart.,and your humanity.Thats what makes us or women.

  • I take 20 mg melatonin & low dose naltrexone 4.5 mg before bed every night for 2years.Just took them.Both beneficial for C...

  • I turned into the biggest cream puff in the 'hood! lol

    I put it on my SSDisability app.

  • So I take it your PSA is up there--since you failed Xtandi, and Zytiga. And your Lupron is coming along with a bone Drug[Zometa]. Some people react favorably to Xtandi and Zytiga, after 6 rounds of chemo--which flips your AR-V7 gene splice into the off position, so the drugs work again.

    When on Lupron at this point---does your doctor---recommend a triple blockade---adding Casodex, and Avodart---we do this in early pre Castrate Resistant Disease--I do not know if it is used in later stage, such as your situation.

    I would suggest very highly to get Gene Mapped--to find out what Mutations you have. For info---call Foundation One 888-988-3639---Medicare Pays--so does to some amount---Insurance Companies. Once Gene Mutations are determined there is a slue of Targeted Drug Treatments and Clinical Trials for your exact mutations, available.

    As to your supplements--you are trying to maintain muscle--as I can see what you are doing.

    I use 2,000 Mgs, L-Arginine, 500 of L-Ornithine, 500 of Carnitine, and 1000 L-Glutamine 30 minutes before heavy Gym work. Then after workout an Adkins 17 Gram Protein bar with Zyflamend, which counteracts the bodies inflammatory response, and also keeps Pca cell aggressiveness lower.

    Lysine known to support protein production is better used for Immune responses, used for herpes. Your use of Creatine---helps add muscle--but remember it does that by bringing water to the Muscles.

    Once we have been ADTed , and put on Xtandi, etc, our best muscle builder T is gone. So for me----I was in the gym 4 days after RP---against doctors orders--did not pop a staple, but was at 1/4 speed for 2 weeks---knowing I was going to lose muscle mass if I did not maintain what I had. And I can say I maintained my body shape--no Man Breasts--no Belly Fat--same weight and body definition for 16 months--from DX[Done with Diet/exercise/supplements/ I am 73, and yesterday in the Inclined press machine at my Gym pulled 6 reps of 330 lbs. I have other routines but very lengthy--to explain---Gene Mapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I was gene mapped at Dana Farber in Boston (Im from New England). Only one mutation and it was nondescript. I don't have any of the known generic mutations associated with prostate cancer. My dad had it and died 18 months post diagnosis. He was pretty far along when it was discovered.

  • Glad you were mapped---its important!


  • Thx Nalkratz.

  • You are very strong indeed.Thats fantastic..Gives me some hope.

  • Just Lupron and Zometa now. Xofigo and possibly a trial next month. I was never offered any ADT other than Lupron post chemo. I was under impression that once Zytiga or Xtandi stopped working you didn't go back on it

  • Are you about to start Xofigo for bone pain from mets? I have several mets with no pain. I can't stress enough that if you don't have pain from mets, you don't need chemo. My now ex Uro wanted to put me on it, but my Onc nixed it, and instead put me on Xgeva for bone strength. Just a thought.


  • He wants me in a trial of Xofigo and keytruda. I have no pain and PSA is down to 0.10 post chemo...but it will begin to double again as it always does. Besides xofigo there really isn't a recommendation from once in NYC or at Dana Farber for any other treatment for my cancer. ADT no longer works

  • I think it all depends on when you got Chemo, and if your Docs. would consider another series of Chemo---down the road.

    Why I bring this up. My Geneticist, at Foundation Medicine, very strongly convinced me to not spend money to do a AR-V7 Gene Splice Test. If Positive Xtandi and Zytiga fails she said. If negative these drugs can work for years.

    She said if you have failure, and wind up doing chemo after failure, that many times the Chemo---changes the Positive of the Gene Splice to Negative---and Xtandi and Zytiga will work or work again. She said other Drug modalities like Xofigo[Radium 223], may also change the Gene Splice and allow Xtandi and Zytiga to work. Using Zometa---for Bone--did not come up as a conversation subject.

    I will be discussing some of this with my new Oncology Team at the Levine Cancer Institute tomorrow, in Charlotte. Choosing and agreeing to treatment is confusing today. So going back on X and Z, depends on your AR-V7--being negative or positive. Test is done at John Hopkins--Or your doctor, can do a blood draw, and ship overnight refrigerated to arrive by 8 AM to JH. Cost is near 1,000 dollars. If I am facing the use of X or Z--I may do the test. Right now I am controlled by Quintuple ADT Block, Nutritional supplements, and Diet and exercise. For how long----???????????????????


  • I am at the gym every day. Gaining weight...but it's more fat than muscle. Nalakratz...what is your diet like?

  • My program is quite complicated--as it is interspaced with nutritional substances that have to be on an empty stomach/as well with foods. Quick brush or 2. I keep to an Adkins type Breakfast[High protein, even though the fat may be high---with additional use of Whey Protein Isolate/with POM.

    My guess my morning intake of protein is probably a whole days worth considered to be about 40-45 grams. Usually I have no appetite for lunch, as my Breakfast tends to be late, and I am full from the high protein breakfast. After gym--about 4-5:30 PM--I eat a protein Bar, either Adkins[17 grams protein], or another that is 30 grams protein--depends on workout. I take the anti-inflammatory---Zyflamend, with the protein bar. Snack before dinner, is usually Walnuts, Cashews, or Almonds. Dinner high in Salads, and fruits--sometimes if still hungry I have a naked Chicken breast---grilled.

    Now I take about 25 different nutritional things---Maybe more --I do not count--and some are taken twice a day. They are for Bone Health, General Health, Cancer Cell Death[Maybe], and angiogenesis[Pca prolification stoppage, maybe], and other things.

    I keep away from anything with sugar---no Breads/Flour products--no Pasta--cheat once a week. And take Metformin to control Blood sugar increases due to ADT.

    Sorry to not be more specific.


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