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Hey guys at this present time I am living in Phoenix , my question is, we are planning to move to New Hampshire within the next few months and I wondered if any of you could recommend a really good oncologist specializing in PC in the New England part of the world. At this time I have been seeing a wonderful doctor in LA for the past nine years and still plan to travel to see her if I cannot find a suitable doc in my new area.

Many thanks


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  • I don't personally know any oncologists in the area but the world famous Dana Farber Cancer Center is at Harvard University in Boston, and there is another NCI Designated Cancer Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

    See: cancer.gov/research/nci-rol...

    NCI designates certain hospitals in the U.S. as places that engage in advanced cancer research. These hospitals have doctors who keep up with the latest research and have significantly better than average results for patients. There are five NCI designated centers in the New England area.

    Best of luck.


  • Thanks Alan that is so helpful, much appreciated mate


  • I'm glad that the info is useful.

    Noodling around on the Internet I found this guy:


    He's young, but he's got both a PhD and an MD, and is an instructor and researcher at Harvard Medical school. I have no idea whether he's taking new patients, but I bet he's well up on the latest research.

    One thing to try is to call the different cancer centers and ask if you can speak to someone who can help you find a doctor who specializes in medical oncology for prostate cancer. If you've got special interests, like combination therapies or immunotherapy, tell the nurse or whoever you're speaking to that you'd especially be interested in someone knowledgeable about those subjects. You might not got a useful response, but then again you might.

    Good luck.


  • Alan that is just brilliant information many many thanks!!

  • Hi James. Sorry I don't know any oncologists in NH but I would love to know who the wonderful doc is you found in LA. I have been looking for 3 years and haven't found one yet.

    Good luck with the move and hope you find a great oncologist there. Take care.

  • Hello there

    I highly recommend Dr Tanya Dorff at the USC Norris Cancer Center in Los Angeles. She was originally recommended to me nearly 10 years ago and she has been amazing.

    Living out of state she always replies to my questions and unless things change I see her every 6 months just to catch up. Hope that helps.


  • Thank you very much for the info. I will do some research now. Goddess luck to you.

  • Besides James's doc, there's Marc Scholz & his Prostate Oncology in Marina del Rey. He also directs Prostate Cancer Research Institute. PCRI puts on an excellent conference for patients & caregivers at the LA Airport Marriott in September. Inexpensive conference.

  • Absolutely correct, Marc Scholz is another brilliant oncologist.

  • Will AZ be a blue state in 2020?

  • lol!! We are leaving AZ because I have had enough of this state and the wild west attitude, sd for AZ going blue...I wish they had this time so I am hopeful after these next four years they will see sense. Just my humble opinion :)

  • I live in the deep blue SF Bay Area. Barbara Lee is my Member of Congress. Every member of my family votes blue. I hear the Latino population growth in AZ could turn it blue. But I don't blame you for escaping.

  • I think you are right buddy, I am still in shock over the whole thing to be honest!!

  • Me too. Hope you enjoy your new life!

  • Thanks for your info. Unfortunately my insurance is not accepted by him and his fees are rather high. Thanks again.


  • Sinjonn my onc is a female and you mention above that "His fees are to high" are you referring to Tanya Dorff or Marc Scholz?

  • @Arizonablue. Sorry my reply was meant for Neal-Snyder who recommended Marc Scholz.

    They asked for $800 for a short initial phone conference to see if they would accept me as a patient. That was enough to put me off. I actually live in Marina Del Ray and could have walked there but they said it had to be a phone conference. Strange.

  • That's why I didn't pursue Scholz because of my insurance coverage at the time.

  • You're welcome. I have Kaiser for my ongoing care. I understand the money problem, especially for ongoing care.

  • James. My genitourinary oncologist is Dr. Mark Pomerantz at Dana Farber in Boston. Trust me...don't go anywhere else. DF is the #1 cancer treatment center in New England. Easy to get to with parking right under the hospital. They are comparable to Sloan Kettering in NYC. # 617 632 6328. That's the direct number to his office. Great cancer center. They are keeping me alive and my cancer is terribly aggressive. 🖒🖒🖒


  • Many thanks Bill that is very comforting to me that when we move to NH Dana Faber is so nearby, as much as I would hate leaving Dr Dorff after all these years it would save me travelling coast to coast to see her. God Bless you Bill keep up the good fight!

  • You're welcome, James. Maybe I'll see you there at some point.

  • That would be great, I will let you know when we have arrived at our new home

  • Dr Mary Ellen Taplin at Dana Farber Cancer Institiute. Boston

  • Thanks mate!!

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