Looking for men who have done docetaxal+prednisone+Lupron+Xgeva

Well that's my fathers PCa concoction to kick those cells. I am looking for any men that have been on these or gone through the chemo with docetaxal. What was your journey like? What was your response to it? Side effects? What helped? What didn't? What did you learn? My dad today has his third round. PSA started at 59 to 46 to 43. White blood cell count is low this time but still good enough for treatment. He is still in a great deal of pain and not able to move around a lot. (Keep in mind had total knee replacement in Nov, Pace maker end of November) Juat trying to see how or what to expect. Thank you all and prayers for you.

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  • I am so glad to see you are getting a response ,hope it continues.I will soon be on docetaxol /taxotere and prednisone and dexamethasone as far as I know , starting weds , scans Monday but here is a link on chemo left to us by the great Chuck Maack who I think is now a retired PCa advocate. In it John Arnold gives his experience with to the adv PCa list years ago, we did not know what John did in life at the time, but he was amazing in his calming of newcomers and willing to speak with anyone always helpful. After his death his obit was posted on the site as he was so well liked in this former group turns out he was responsible for a Paradigm shift in food banks in this country and spent his life trying to feed the poor and was very successful. Here is Chucks page theprostateadvocate.com/pdf...

  • I started on docetaxel+prednisone+Lupron+Zometa (insurance wouldn't cover xgeva) in May of 2015. Had 13 cycles before it stopped working. I had no side effects aside from a VERY low white blood count during the first cycle, so we added Neulasta. Since then I had 9 more cycles of chemo and am currently trying bipolar androgen therapy. Continue to feel well despite the continued progression of the cancer. I know my results are not typical, but there is hope. Best wishes to your father on this unfortunate journey.

  • Gecrellin,

    I lot of guys here are interested in BAT. If you can how about regularly posting your results


  • What would BAT consist of?

  • It's bipolar androgen therapy, meaning while I remain on Lupron to keep testosterone near zero, I get a monthly injection of high dose testosterone. The roller coaster is designed to confus the cancer and stop (at least temporarily) progression. I had scans on Wednesday, and got results from my doc today. PSA is down roughly 2000 points (40%), lymph tumors are smaller, bone is stable and the liver tumors are also shrinking. As a result, I am moving forward with a second cycle.

  • I used docetaxel and am currently xgeva, prednisone and lupron. I have not had a really bad reaction to any of them. I also take 50 - 75 mg of CBD every day. The CBD helped with chemo sickness and continues to help with pain. I usually use ( hemplifetoday.com.


  • Everyone's journey is different, what I have been noticing here is that most of us follow what is referred to as "standard treatment" mine is similar , I had robotic surgery, then Lupron ADT/HT

    now I am on my 7th cycle of taxotere chemo, I had a good psa response 45 down to 5 now going up to 15 (slow rise), it only works for a while then I will try the other chemo drug xgeva, while on chemo, eat a small meal every six hours, easy to digest, include fruit yogurt, eggs, soup etc. juice take some pain meds, rest in bed, watch your temperature, my pain from bone mets went away immediately after my first round of chemo that was enough of a reward for me, I now use very minimum pain control, I am scheduled for six more cycles, I hate it because I am sick and in bed for five days, I have all the usual symptoms to a moderate degree, by the sixth day I am back to feelin better and can function in life again, this is a journey and we do it one day at a time

    you are lucky if can find a support group or other places like this with people to talk to,

    I would love a cure for this but at this stage none exists that I know of, we keep looking for the next best treatment and move ahead, stay positive, do things that make you happy and try to enjoy what we have left,

    best whishes to you.


  • I did taxotere with carboplatin immediately upon diagnosis. 5 years ago and after starting Lupron. Today , still undetectable PSA. Thank God. I think I felt tired for the first 5 days after taking the chemo but after that I felt okay. Doctor gave me anti nausea drip before the chemo along with ice cubes to keep my fingers very cold. I think this is the best thing I did to bring my PSA to undetectable till today. My doctors tell me I'm very lucky. I feel that way too. Good luck.

  • I have one, lone, burning, fateful question about people's chemotherapy experiences: Before, during, and after it, how have their brains held up? Its serious cognitive impairment is reportedly off the charts beginning immediately and worsening with time, yet I see men on it typing coherent sentences, even whole paragraphs. Are you guys rare exceptions -- are there 7 men trying to comprehend even ONE sentence for each of you, as reported in peer-reviewed literature? -- or is the literature wrong? (That would be the first time I've ever seen RCTs overestimate SEs.)

  • I'm currently in a clinical trial of a nanoparticle form of docetaxel, and have experienced few side effects. I have some fatigue and insomnia, but I haven't experienced the dreaded chemo brain.

  • That is a good question- I have seen a decrease and an effect on dad's congnitive funstioning. Short term memory and trying to recall or remember things is difficult at times. He would love to read a book but the the focus is just not there.

  • I just came off clinical trial of Cabozantinib. Aside from the tiredness and other issues I have some short term memory loss which is very frustrating. I run my own business and that is definitely not helpful.

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