PSA Nadir of .5 Indicates High Risk of Fatal PCa

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  • I didn't like this nugget from that paper: "Another consideration that Dr Shore noted is that the current National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) treatment guideline for prostate cancer recommends 2 to 3 years of ADT plus RT in men with high-risk (Gleason 8 or greater) disease.2" I was dx'd gleason 8. I chose HIFU rather than RT (radiation treatment).

  • Interesting, so I guess I better understand my urologist's plan now. At diagnosis, Gleason 9, PSA 89. My doctor told me then that 3 years of hormone therapy was recommended, but he was also willing to do surgery and adjuvant radiation. I was wondering way so many guys were not doing ADT and my doc told me 3 years right from the get go. NCCN treatment guidelines must be where he got that.

  • My Doctor said He was not happy when I reached 0.4, on the way down---but thank God I went further to undetectable, nadir. The other number to be concerned when moving up from undetectable is 0.2. Passing this barrier usually indicates the disease is parade dressed and ready to march.

  • Nal,

    I just read that---.2 ok and .3 look out below because it is BACK

  • Nal,

    I was referring to a different study which stated .3 = cancer back

  • I have read differently--that 0.2 is the point of the Great wall of China---According to Dr, Chan, at Sloan Memorial, head of Oncology, Pathology, Molecular Chemistry--and one other.

    My Doc was very concerned when coming down I stopped at 0.4 before going on to undetectable. Different strokes for different folks.


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