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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I have recently read about some success with Lutetium-177 after mainline chemo has failed. Does anybody here have ant experience?

I am also wondering about trying Xtandi again after chemo. I was on it briefly in 2015 (after Zytiga stopped working), but that was just after it had received FDA approval for use before chemo. Again, I am looking for your experiences, but I understand that few of you have been trough as many treatment options as I have.


I wish you all the best in your battles. We are in thus together.

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I assume you mean Lu-177 combined with PSMA-617. Lu-177 is a beta emitter

I am investigating a similar treatment but instead of a beta emitter using an alpha emitter (similar to Ra-223). Ac-225 PSMA-617 has been tested in Germany. A couple of patients in their trial had a complete response one of which had liver mets.

University Hospital Heidelberg has done a lot in this area. They have a international patient inquiry form on their website. I have sent an inquiry but no response from the nuclear medicine department yet.

I spoke to my oncologist about this and he said it is a possibility and that some institutions are trying to bring it to the US.

On the Inspire site someone posted good information inspire.com/groups/us-too-p...

Bill Manning


Also a trial has been underway at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital in Melbourne Australia. Results for some participants has been stunning.


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