56 year old making the best of things

Hi I'm 56 years old. I have disease in my lymphnodes in my abdomen and bones(back hips skull) I am Brca2 positive. I have doe Adt treatments. -3 types of Chemo , radiation and am on Olaparib - part inhibitor targeted for my gene mutation. Living everyday with pain patch but loving my life. Cancer has opened my eyes to more beautiful things in my life. One day at a time

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  • Good wishes :)

  • All my good thoughts to you.

  • being braca pos makes you a great candidate for olaparib in the future

  • Living your the way you are is now the

    Most important thing in the world


  • Wishing you all the best. I've been tested for the BRCA mutation, but I don't have it. I'm lucky to be pain free so far despite extensive bone mets. 22 cycles of chemo so far and expecting a different treatment early next year. Like you, we are living life to the fullest, 3 weeks at a time.

  • I love your attitude. Best wishes.

  • Best wishes

  • Best wishes you have an incredible positive attitude

  • Wow you are the man. Great attitude. I wish I could be like you. Best wishes to you. You have my admiration.

  • Best wishes

  • I like your spirit.


  • You are a person who I admire and applaud. Your attitude is exceptional for anyone stuck with this despicable disease cancer. Your positive attitude helps you and your family cope. Keep up the fight and keep seeing the beauty all around you.


  • You are amazing!! Please share with us some of the beautiful things you now see in your life. I too believe that the other side of the sword is just as you say. We now see and experience life in a different way. Most never get to experience this and live their entire life in a broad stroke, kind of dull way. We get to live in appreciation, with a sense of eagerness, with kindness and acceptance. You bceagle are my role model. Charlie

  • Hi Bceagle---I am also Brca-2---at this time under control, maintaining an undetectable PSA.

    I know I am Brca-2 and PTEN, because I got Gene Mapped--so you may have been also to know you have Brca-2. I was also told that down the road, Olaparib, might be helpful if I go Castrate Resistant. That info came from Foundation One. There is a group called Tapur--They can be found at Tapur.com. They are a non-profit organization of Oncologists. They, when you are registered with your Doctors Approval--can get any drug or [therapy] in the world, for free. I am aware of the process thru my research. FDA is not involved.

    I am not offering anything but Prayers,for you--but there are cases, one that made the Front page of the Parade Section of the New York Times, about a woman who had Brain Cancer, and it was in the Liver, the bones and then some--given 2 weeks to live. They did a DNA modification from taking her blood and sending it out to a Pharm. co. that did immunology on her blood, sent it back, was re-infused, and she was cancer free in 2 days. Her T cells were trained to eat up and destroy her cancer. I still think you can win--I have asked God to make you a winner, as I wrote this. Shalom, in Yeshua.


  • Great info Nalakrats , I saved to my pc . I have been Gene Mapped but they only found a hedge hog mutation which was not really that significant.


  • Hi Nalakrats,

    I tried going to Tapur.com but is a EN/JP site for a skype plug in, is Tapur.com the correct url?



  • Sorry Luke--it is Tapur.org



  • Wonderfully put....

  • Bceagle,

    Great TUDE... DUDE.....

    Good Luck and Good Health (you're in great hands here)....

    j-o-h-n Thursday, 12/29/2016 5:50 PM EST

  • Best wishes!! You are an inspiration!

  • just a comment--Smilow (affiliated w Yale in New Haven, CT). is getting ready to do a clin trial w/ olaparib and another drug at the same time. You may wish to contact Dr. Joseph Kim (see NCT02893917, NCI-2016-01346, Olaparib With or Without Cediranib in Treating Patients With Metastatic Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer on Clinical Trial website). Peace.

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