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I was diagnosed with AD.PRoCancer in Oct. 2015. Gleason 9/10 PSA 168 Most lobes are infected and has spread to local lymph nodes ,into seminal area and to paraaortic lymph nodes in tummy. Over past year nos down to 2.5. Am just being treated with Zoladex injections. . No rad. or chemo. Meds say they are very pleased with results but in last couple of months have getting a little pain in left hip which seem to be getting worse although still not that bad.

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  • You should ask (demand) a bone and CT scan to see it it is in the bones. Perhaps radiation can help with the pain. Is the pain constant? The reason I ask is that about three months into Lupron l started to get pain in both hips and shoulders in the middle of the night. It was so bad that it would wake me up. However, once I got up and started to move the pain went away. I was told that this is a side effect of being chemically castrated.

  • Thanks Dr Who . I have been in touch with Uro. Nurse . If not offered I will ask them to Scan.

  • I'd think about getting a different urologist. CT and bone scans should be automatic and prompt after Pca diagnosis.

  • Was On extended lupron, female for endometriosis. I never knew what bone pain felt like until then. I knew fibro soft tissue pain and arthritic pain but lupron introduced me to bone pain.

  • Bone scan, as you do not want to risk fractures. any good cancer hospital would do so immediately and you are not in immensely danger, but you need the scan. now let's hope for the best. may grace be by your side

  • I was a Gleason 10 bpsa back in 06, I had a low psa of 3, I am just wondering why you are not also on casodex and Avodart, which would be known as adt3 . Good Luck with everything, sometimes bone scans can pick up arthritis or degenerative bone disease and the can not tell the difference between that and Cancer. Recent studies have also shown advantage of early chem with adt in cases like ours, I was diagnosed before that was discovered so never had it, but I have had antiandrogen and dutasteride from the get go along with zolodex. As I understand it cancer pain is a constant and so if it is not always there , it is not likely from cancer.

  • George

    What type of docs are you seeing? Are you under the care of a med onc who specialises in the care of PC?

    Have you had testosterone level done to confirm you are castrate?

    As mentioned you should discuss chemotherapy as it might be a good treatment for you.


  • chemo: docetaxel (or jevtana). standard of care.


    failure to consider borders on malpractice. thats where its at.

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