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Advice on pain meds for bone mets

Over the last several months the mets in my left hip and femur and lower spine have become quite painful. Currently I take 4-6 500mg Tylenol and 4-6 5mg oxycodone daily....some days it works very well taking my pain level down from a 6 to a 2. However, some days it doesn't provide much relief. I am meeting with my palliative care doc in a am looking at what has worked well for others. (3 weeks ago I started oliparib..too soon to see if it is working)Any ideas guys ? (if the oliparib doesn't work, my onc says xofigo is next but I need some advice in the meantime)

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Why is the Onc waiting on the Xofigo?


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So sorry your pain is not controlled. Our primary doctor put my husband on fentanyl patches for sustained pain relief with hydromorphone for break through pain. He also uses Tylenol or Alieve. Ask for a consultation with a radiation oncologist. Beam radiation was used for palliative pain relief on Jim's femur and hip. And then he also had Xofigo. Hang in there

Wife I Jamul

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Hang in there---I am surprised you did not get the Radium 223--immediately--we want the bone mets gone. The Xofigo will become your pain killer by getting rid of the Mets.

As for Oliparib it is beneficial for a mutated Gene I have BRCA-2--it is on my list as possibly, and being used for other Pca mutations. Has about a 30 % success rate in knocking down the disease--I get this info from my clinical trials info, I am hooked into. I do not need it yet--but I hope it works for you.



I'm a firm believer in exhausting all efforts prior to putting any chemo meds in my body. Although they say that Zytiga is a "chemo pill", which I'm taking, it's nothing like any real chemo treatment. If you live in a MM state, I would go that route. I recently found out that CBD oil that is very low in THC, is sold on-line. Or, you can go down the block and cop a bag of weed. Not very legal, or smart for that matter. If you would try the herbal route, take a look at Kratum. It's name sounds bad, but it's been used in SE Asia forever, for pain. As a matter of fact, this is the herb the DEA wanted to fast track to a Schedule 1 drug. Really, used for millennia to ease pain naturally, the DEA wanted to categorize it as dangerous, along with heroin, cocaine, and unfortunately pot. I'll never forget my mom back in the day, "you on the pot?" Yeah mom, on the pot. In February, she'll be 80. Today she understands why my brother, who is a severely fragile diabetic, smokes pot. She's cool.

I say this because I have no pain from the mets I have. I've been taking some form of CBD's since I was Dx seven years ago. My Uro was gung-ho to get me started on Xofigo. His theory was to get them when the getting's good, but my iron was too low (@7). My Onc said no way, got my iron to normal, and put me on Xgeva. The way I understand it is the Xgeva reacts with the bone just like Xofigo does, but doesn't relieve any pain.

The point is, there's a better way than opiods and chemo. Even radiation for the pain is better than any form of chemo, IMHO.

Peace, Joe

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Hi Joe,

We're looking at adding CBD's to my husband's regimen. Would really appreciate additional info and your recommendations. Thanks!


Thanks to all. My onc got me into an informal trial with cost to me. Said if I did xofigo first that I would not qualify for the trial. I felt it was worth the risk. I plan on reviewing this with him on the19th. Xofigo or spot radiation is next up. Hopefully the delay won't cause any harm.


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