Supplements - Herbs - and Prostate Cancer

In devising an anti-cancer protocol I include supplements in high doses and as Dr. Snuffy Myers says...:supplements are dirty drugs and when taken in high doses can have drug like effects. But, I stay away from herbals...if I want a certain compound found in a herbal..I will buy a supplement containing that compound and not the herbal because the herbal contains many other compounds that can be harmful in high doses. I have been having a discussion with Nalakrats, who is real smart about nutrition, but also takes herbals as part of his protocol. Nal could be right, but read the article below which outlines reasons to be careful about herbals and supplements in general.


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  • Gus,

    What supplements and in what amounts do you take?


  • Hi Gusgold: I know the whole area of supplements is very controversial. One clue with this article is how they tout the American Cancer Society. Word on the street has it that the ACS is in bed with big Pharma and the American Medical Society. I have read numerous info. pieces put out by the ACS, denouncing and belittling the supplement world. Knowing of their funding sources, the ACS, and how complicit they are with the big boys, I am skeptical of any claims from them re: supplements. Myself I am torn about taking them, supplements. I do take some supplements, from "reliable" sources (Mercola and Life Extension) if U believe them, but with a grain of salt too. I find myself in the middle with this topic argument, I will take some supplements, but I do not chase every recommendation that comes my way. = "This miracle herb/vitamin will cure your cancer." My take on things Gus. Docrok

  • Gus you are having a conversation with me thru Meyers. When I mentioned Frankincense, it was in reference of its healing properties found in the Bible. Not that I take Frankincense of which the 5-Loxin is part of it. If you are to take pure 5-Loxin you would not be able to afford it, as it would cost hundreds per month, if actually separated Chromatographically from the herb Boswellia. Boswellia is the current name for Frankincense. In order to have it in pure form, you would need a pure synthesis of the compound, which I believe is [3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid], which is called 5-Loxin.

    So since that is probably not doable for a reasonable cost---what we buy--or at least what I buy and use is Boswellia Extract[which is a resin]. It is then standardized to 30% AKBA--the chemical above, which then becomes 150 Mgs of and labeled 5-Loxin, on the front of the bottle.

    So Gus, the rest of that resin is 70% of the dirty stuff you call it, and even more concentrated--the other garbage that Meyers and you abhor. If you have and are using a 100% Pure 5-Loxin--I would be quite surprised.

    Enjoy the byproducts that come along with the extract--I am sure they will not kill you.


  • What is your dose of 5 loxin, and ry for the info on frankensense . I had no idea there was even a relationship

  • 150 Mg times 2 times a day after Breakfast and Dinner. Frankincense Is referred today as the Herb Boswellia, The molecule / Chemical within this Herb, that we want is 5-Loxin. There is no herb or growing %-Loxin it is a part of 5-Loxin.

    Read your other Post on Vitacost--I have been using them for many years, many of their Formulations, are from Life Sciences--very tops in their class.

    There is a business relationship between Vitacost and Life Sciences--I am not positive but I believe Vitacost owns some or a part of Life Sciences. You can call the number on any of their bottles and speak directly to a Quality Control Professional--to get Technical Questions answered.


  • Thanks. that's great info.

  • I agree that one must be careful with supplements . a company I trust garden of life had a recall on a very "healthy" organic meal made from vegetable protein. one of the ingredients from Africa was tainted so they made a deal with a new farmer. I am pro supplements and mostly juicing of organic vegetables but I learned from that experience how many ingredients are in one product and how little we know about where they come from. a good company will be able to give you all if this information. and garden of life is one of the more "clean" companies. however , I do not necessarily believe fda approval means everything because the fda has approved many toxic drugs for profitability . Many drugs contain other dirty additives to get the patent on thrir own brand since the formylas can not be exactly the same. I'm not sure what labs do it, but most products can be tested to give accurate readings of what is in a supplement . Safe supplementation is continued research on the products,and weighing benefits and risks. Continue research even while taking a product. I do not have pca but I do have 20 years of autoimmune disease experience and an estrogen dependent disease to which supplementation ,by testing one by one, has both helped me and also cost me tons of money in things that didn't help. I highly recommend vitacost because of their return policy. xoxo sending hope and hugs . oddly, I didn't necessarily "believe" in muscle testing but it did prove true with me as I knew what helped and was handed each blindly, both med and supplements . I was amazed at the accuracy and it's worth checking out

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