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Spread to liver and lungs


It was interesting to read the responses to spread to the liver, one of yesterday's posts. As I recently posted, a CT scan identified spots (small and without inflammation) in my lungs (2) and liver (1). I start docetaxel tomorrow.

Obviously, the disease is progressing. I understand each man is different in how he and his body respond to spread. However, I would love some input from members about the survival time after these secondary spreads occur (bone mets 3 years ago).

Such input will help my deliberations about lifestyle choices. For example, I've just been offered a 2-3 day job for 2017 (deliberating on this now). I'm guessing this is secondary PCa, and that's an assumption I'm happy to live with.

What sort of timeframes am I looking at here? (I've accepted the inevitable)


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I am not sure what is meant by secondary PC. If the cancer has spread to another site, be it bone or soft tissue, it is still prostate cancer. If it is another cancer that has been diagnosed that stems from somewhere other than the prostate gland then it is a different cancer.

Some of these different cancers could come as a result of the treatment you received for the primary cancer, then that would be referred to as a secondary cancer, but only if it derived directly from the treatment.

In other words, prostate cancer that spreads to the lung is still prostate cancer, cancer that starts from the lung is lung cancer even if you also have prostate cancer. However, if you had radiation to your lungs to treat another cancer and the genotype of the new cancer is that of lung cancer it is a secondary lung cancer because it is the result of the earlier treatment.


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I've had ADT for 3 years. Bone mets. Tumor grew out of prostate...identified July. 39 radiotherapy treatments. Now it's spread to lungs/liver.

I'm in Australia.

Wow 3 years with adt that's pretty amaxing. you've already done some great healing and your body responded . and it will to the chemo .

Chris, I'm praying for you and sending healing energy and light. as for the 2 to 3 day job , ask yourself will this job make me happy ? have more joy? feel more involved in the world ? is it a good or bad stress on my mind? I do not have pca but I'm chronically disabled by pain of multiple diseases. I did not apply for disability until the pain was making a job I love miserable and when I win the case I plan to teach at leat one class, not for money as much as for fullfillment, normalcy,and a sense of involvement and that would be my choice if I had a year or yen years to live because it makes me thrive . if you are tolerating chemo well do whatever makes you THRIVE , and whatever that may be only you know. Your body will heal or stabilize easier xoxo keep us posted on your progress and go kick cancers butt tomorrow . xoxo Erica

Took my second round of chemo today. won't see the doctor until the 19 of Dec when I will get a lupron injection. I have been taking the lupron injections for the past 4 years. will know more on the 19th of Dec.

Hi Chris, accept the job. I was semi retired when PCa visited me and even now, 3 years on, have no bad symptoms from the ca. nor the treatment. I was considering a 3 day week offer developing a chain of dental surgeries. Good money, good company, people. I refused because of going into 8 months of chemo. Bloody stupid me. No chemo problems. 2 days treatment every 3 weeks. Boredom, boredom.bore....yes Boredoms. People fall out of your life. Communication suffers. One bores oneself. My girls made me get a young dog. I now speak doglish. So take the job and remain who you are. PCa is not you. It's just something you have to live with. Don't let your life be defined by it. I now advise former client companies from home but insist on monthly board meetings at their premises with lunch. I am me again without the strain.

Your friend David.

David, I agree with you and your message is so inspiring I copied and pasted and sent to dad.. doglish lol

Only God knows--your Doctors do not!


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