Ahh! What a relief it is!

After three and a half years of major bladder problems, it's finally over. I hope.

I had a Uroclip procedure done on halloween day, and had the catheter removed yesterday. Just having the catheter removed was sweet relief, after 4 months. But, what was the best thing ever, I was able to stand up and pee. I woke up once to pee during the night. Little did I expect to sleep well.

So, today I sit here and I wonder how often should I have to go. I can't remember. I should also mention about my flow, its flowing. Not very strong right now, but it should improve, I think. I feel liberated. It's just an amazing feeling.

I want to give a shout out to everyone here at this site. Thank you all.

Peace, Joe (#flyeaglesfly)

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  • I'm not familiar with this procedure, but I still celebrate your victory. Were you having trouble standing to pee? I am incontinent from cancer treatment. I will be having an artificial urinary sphincter installed at the end of February. Then four weeks later, we'll activate it. Much anticipated!

  • In my understanding of BPH, it doesn't necessarily mean a prostate that is bigger, but also a prostate that chokes off the urethra. This was my problem. Instead of having an invasive procedure, like TURP, this is non-invasive. If you consider have a long thin tool stuck down your thing, non-invasive. Well, this tool ejects these clips that pull back the prostate away from the urethra. And it works.

    The original problem was the choking of the urethra, which caused a distended bladder for a couple of years, so I sat. It was quite a painful experience. Something that we should never have to deal with. Just because someone has a Phd after their name, doesn't make them smart.

    I think this was directly caused by the IMRT.


  • Joe , that's great I am so glad to hear this, I am glad you are doing well.


  • sounds like a great reason to celebrate!

  • I celebrate with you Joe! So happy you are happy and having less pain.


  • Congrats. I am in a mood to celebrate too. This past Monday, after 5 long weeks, I finally had my supra-pubic catheter removed after HIFU surgery. What blessed relief from the painful spasms.

  • Congrats back at you. I had to chk what a sp cath was, I think it was in my future if I didn't get fixed. When I first got cathed, and drained a half gallon+, the spasms were horrendous. The female nurse in the room said this is akin to what a woman goes through with birth. On a side note, I came across this little tiny lady who had a blocked urethra. When she was cathed, they drained over a gallon of 'fluid'.

    What brought on your spasms? And you had the HIFU 5 weeks ago?

  • Joe, I had HIFU 5 weeks ago. That causes the prostate tissue to swell up and block the urethra. Had spasms from the get go. Later on in my recovery I could void just fine on my own. Actually a bit too fine -- I developed urge incontinence. So I went back to letting the catheter do the draining. I had terrible spasms -- I'd want to void an already empty bladder. I'm sure it was just the empty bladder being irritated by the catheter. I think the bladder was trying to expel that foreign object. There were other issues - just sitting down felt like I was impaled. It was painful to walk. The good news now is that not only is the discomfort of the catheter gone, but the urge incontinence is gone too, although I am taking a couple of meds that help with that. Also receding is the stinging pain of urination that is also typical of post HIFU surgery. Like you, I am feeling better and in a mood to celebrate. I hope you are done with bladder problems and catheters.

  • I bought a foam donut to sit on, and it works nice. Before I sat with two pillows, one on each cheek. As for the pain when I urinate now...It doesn't matter, it's a good pain, for me anyway. I hope the HIFU works for you. I understand it's new for 'ablating'(?) parts of the prostate, but that's all I know.


  • Harry Belafonte singing (to the tune of Day-O):

    PEE-OH Pee-e-e-o midnight come and me wanna PEE-OH

    thank goodness for me uroclip and me catheter must go

    now Mr. Urologist me standing up and PEE-OH

    only little problem is that me pressure is so so.

    Congratulations and with humor and a way to go.

    j-o-h-n Friday, 11/18/2016 12:06 PM EST

  • Thanks, Brother.

  • Simple things that others take for granted, and sometimes to us a great gift. Congratulatuons!!!!!

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