A question Re/ discontinuing Zytiga or not

since i have been on Zytiga i have had bouts of extreme constipation. the most recent led to a series of events where i went to the E/R the impaction had caused the urethra to malfunction and i had retention of urine so they installed a catheter which caused a kidney infection, which required hospitalization, which led to eventually being transferred to a rehab facility and now i cannot pee on my own and have to ware a catheter full time 24/7. after an extended period of time i am now able to poop when needed using various medications. here is the deal, i am considering stopping Zytiga and letting nature take it's course ... or not. i have an upcoming Dr appointment Wednesday to discus this. in the mean time i would seek advice from Y'all

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  • Polyethylene glycol will fight constipation and pepto bismol will fight diahhrea. Sp. I used catheters to pee even on the golf course. I am on Zytiga as Lupron and Casodex have failed. Now pee hourly and have condom catheter with bag at nite and diaper during day. Fight the cancer and try to work around the other issues.

  • PS. Kidney stones blocked urine originally so got that taken care to get rid of catheterizing myself.

  • Joe, I had a spinal cord compression from a PCa tumor in 2011, & one result is chronic constipation. I take an extra strength senna tablet with both breakfast & dinner. At first I also took an extra strength stool softener at bedtime, but I was able to give that up. I'm not cured, but it's manageable.

    I started Zytiga in July 2014, & can't remember thinking it affected my constipation. Zytiga has given me extra years of life: I'm still on it.

    My point is that if you can make your constipation manageable, you won't have to give up on a drug that could add years to your life.


  • Books on PC treatment say many (one book said "all") chemo patients say their constipation is THE single worst feature of their cancer. Be careful, though, with that polyethylene glycol; the FDA has warnings out about using it regularly. So far a simple stool softener has worked for me, but then I haven't started Zytiga yet, just chemo. OTOH, I've fought constipation most of my adult life, and am surprised at my success so far with generic stool softener.

  • Have you already tried Xtandi (enzalutamide)? Similar to Zytiga in function but different composition. Our understanding is that you can try one as long as it works, and then the other. Xtandi does not usually come with prednisone requirement (which we were told does come with Zytiga).

    sorry to hear you have had such a complicated course!

  • i am 88 years old, and considering the possibility of going off treatment and let nature take it's course. have'nt reached a decision yet . thanks Caring7

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