Surgery then cannabis

Pre-surgery PSA and Gleason score 8.6 and 3+4. RALP July 2009, pathology Gleason score 4+3 with SVI. Advice from urologist was to live healthy and eat organic. No mention of adjuvant radiation therapy. Post surgery PSA <.1.

Urologist then closed shop leaving me with the nearest urologist 700 miles away. 9 months later a new urologist arrived in town. During that time I took matters into my own hands and started treating myself with medical cannabis. The new urologist measured my PSA, <.01, advised me that my pathology report was bad and that I should have been referred to a radiologist. He offered that service but I declined.

Fast forward to 2016. I can't say for sure the medical cannabis is responsible but I feel like I never had cancer.

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  • That's terrific, Bob! What exactly was the medical cannabis? As good as smoking or typical edibles can make you feel, if it was the medical cannabis that put you in remission, it must have been a powerful oil or something, & you must have worked your way up to a very strong dose. Is that what happened? If so, please share as much info as you can about the product & your dosage regimen. Thank you.

  • So why is it you only see 1 post from these people advertising that cannabis is the miracle curer, I know why cos its crap these guy probably supply the stuff.

  • Cure as well, you won't here from this guy or get any proof.

  • I didn't get serious about medical cannabis until 3 years ago, started growing. It has been legal in the home for personal use since 1975; Ravin v. State. It took about 5 months to 1st harvest then I started consuming as much as I could handle and still function. Vaping and edibles. Things have evolved, I now produce FECO "full Extract Cannabis Oil" with ethanol and take the medicine under the tongue with tinctures. Now I take between .2 to .5 gram of FECO a day, depending on the days activities.

    I asked the surgeon to cut wide, he agreed that my chances of avoiding a recurrence were greater that way. The surgery may have got all of the cancer. Now the interesting part. After consuming cannabis daily for about a year I started to experience nocturnal erections. Also after surgery I could not move my right leg more than a few inches out without it feeling like my leg was being ripped out of my hip. I now have full use of my right leg and nocturnal erections are common.

    As an added bonus, I no longer take meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol

  • Hi Bob,

    I"m only writing this because Chubby sounds like he's got a problem with marijuana. So, I'll be number two to support the benefits of pot. No medical weed in my state, the stuff you buy on the street. I've got mets on my spine, hip, and sacrum, and have no pain. I assume that there should be some sort of discomfort, but none at all. If it wasn't for the side effects of ADT, and radiation, I wouldn't know that I had cancer.

  • Same here Joe,

  • I just went through a 60gr regimen of RSO and have been on Xtandi for a month. My psa dropped by half. I don't know if it was one of them or a combination of the two. It has taken away the pain. It's definitely less damaging to the body and brain than oxy or hydro. Will the cannabis kill and prevent further cancer? Who knows? There is a lot of snake oil out there. If nothing else the cannabis helps with the pain and that means a lot.

  • I have access to medical marijuana in my state but I haven't needed it yet. Recreational marijuana is up for a vote in my state. I will vote in favor of it. That is just the libertarian in me. Live and let live, individual responsibility and all that. Sorry if I've spawned a political discussion here.

  • BTW, years ago I voted in favor of medical marijuana thinking that one day I might need and benefit from it. It barely passed. Every vote counts.

  • They voted down recreational marijuana in my state so I guess I will invest in a Medical Marijuana card. Why not? It's available, I voted for it, I qualify for it, so I might as well take advantage of it, or at least have the option of doing so by getting the card.

  • I do not have cancer . my dad does. however I have a medicinal Marijuana card for chronic pain diseases of spine muscle and joints. for me no strain killed the pain, and I know people with cancer who use oil to hinder the cancer but I haven't yet seen results in the pain group I'm in which is packed with cancer patients. I do know oil is your best bet with cancer but for the people who are helped by mm, what strains are you using and what method

  • NOTE: US Federal Law precludes anyone using grass, even the medical kind, from owning a gun - Personal safety, hunting, or even target shooting.


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