Stage iv. Adt ...adding chemo? Number of sessions cycles? Different protocols? Cold caps?

So far 2 docs. Advised chemo as the next step to distaste stage Iv PCa withsny many widely distributed mets. Their protocol is 6 sessions 3 weeks apart. Are there other effective protocols to get the most effect but the least amount of docytaxel, to do its job but limit long term side effects? Also, and this in minor compared to my first question, do cold caps work? If so what kind? My dad is a humble man, and has always had a bald spot. However, as someone with illnesses I noticed a change in my perspective from when I was sick and people couldn't tell to being visibly frail. It is this that we all wish to avoid. Plus he is naturally very hairy and I know the loss on whole body will be startling enough. So I am just curious as to Different Protocals , how to Minimizing Hair Loss and personal experiences with docytaxel .

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  • Almost everybody has different reactions to the docetaxel. They sometimes reduce the dose and infuse you more often. I went through six sessions. I got pretty sick from the last one. Yes, I lost my hair, had loose nails, and was tired as hell. Remember that this is a poison that they infuse into your body to kill your fast growing cells. On the bright side my PSA dropped substantially and my pain went away. The hair on my head came back much thicker than it was pre-chemo. My bald spots went away. Prior to chemo I had to shave twice a day. During chemo I didn't have to shave for four months. That was pretty nice. I finished in March 2016 and I shave every few days. Pre-chemo I was very hairy all over my body. It has not grown back. My back and chest are smooth and hairless. My skin is softer. I've heard that the cold caps work better for women than men. Look at it this way. You may look more streamlined without hair but it will grow back. I would prefer to lose my hair temporarily and live a while longer. I am 60 years old and was diagnosed as a Gleason 8. Good luck and keep us updated.


  • Thank you Wayne. My dad is not vain in any way but it makes me sad for him to.lose the little hair he has on his head and being so hairy overall I was concerned it becomes part of your identity as a man. Most important I want to help build his system to withstand the toxicity and I'm deciding what supplements to order. That's the harder question I love hearing that your treatment took away pain and you are happy. Ty for your kind response

  • This is only from I have picked up from this and other forums. In the UK seems that many PCa chemo patients drop out at up to 6 cycles x 3 weeks. There is a standard dose governed by weight, fitness etc. The drop out is mainly due to side effects. The max dose is 10 cycles x 3 weeks.. I made 10 along with some others in my group. When they told me I had finished I asked for more. Why stop when you're winning? Seems the body will not tolerate more and mine needed 4 months rest before Zytiga. This so far has been my wonder drug following on from the damage done to the ca. by Docetaxel.

    In the USA different protocols where 3 or 6 cycles seem to be most common but the cycles are planned for specific reasons around tolerance of chemo and patient mobility. Often patients travel hundreds of miles at great expense. If I were to collapse during treatment I would stay in the same hospital until better without charge. In the USA bills would skyrocket and Oncologists & Urologists will usually do what they can to limit the patient exposure to these costs given the standard 3 week cycle.

    To end one should take standard dosage and cycle and not push to force speed and dose increase. When your father goes into chemo the Oncology team will have access to data from millions of previous patients worldwide and will know what his progress should be. Good luck.

  • Thanks for that info Scruffybut1 if the new drugs (Xtandi) dont do their stuff its good to know a bit about chemo. Mike is feeling very tired at the moment but is only on half dose for the next couple of weeks. Seeing Onco on Friday.

  • Ty Scruffy. That put me more at ease

  • At this point I am on docetaxel for the third time. first run was 10 cycles followed by a 3month break. second run was only 3 cycles before it stopped working. next I had 4 cycles of cabazitaxel which did not work. as if today I am 3 cycles into a trial using both docetaxel and carboplatin along with rapamycin which they hope will boost effectiveness. had scans yesterday so will know more next week. Hair was lost during first run, but has grown back some since. I'm lucky to not have other side effects. best wishes for good outcomes with your treatments.

  • Prayers for the trio chemo effectiveness. You will persevere xoxo

  • Good luck and best wishes to you during this trying time.

  • Ty so much..looking forward to day one of attacking bad cells. I'll be there on the cheering squad thinking go away cancer. ..we aren't backing down. Get away from my daddy lol

  • Ex lost his hair during docetaxel. He quit after 7 rounds due to rising PSA and radiologic progression. He is young with thick black hair, which grew back thicker, lighter and curlier. His body hair didn't really grow back but castrate testosterone levels and continuous ADT I think plays a role. He hasn't lost his hair with jevtana chemo.

    The worst part about treatment from a vanity perspective was loss of muscle mass. He went from all muscles and 6 pack to flabby belly and loss of muscle tone....

  • Will lean protein drinks etc help to keep muscle longer?

  • I think regular weight lifting + cardio is the ticket. After surgery I am sidelined for at least a month. Exercise can lift the spirit too and I need some of that. Good luck to you and your loved ones.

  • Can one do weight lifting. due to bone Mets and on exgeva , my dad w as told nit to lit more than I've pounds. they told him to just walk but he wants to do more. any suggetions. his muscles have already started to atrophy from disuse and LupRon in 3 months

  • cold cap approved for use

  • And if cold reduces the exposure, one would think that heat might increase it. A hot water bottle on the back during infusion (or later). I am not aware of anyone who does this, and hospitals don't like hot water bottles (because of possibility of burning), but it seems safe enough, so why not? One could say it is full of chicken soup, and my herbotologist insists.

    I think we should create our own "clinical" trials, and track the data.

  • Chemically speaking that makes sense but I think it would mean heating the entire body to make it more effective and we lose hear through our heads and feet the most ibelieve so I would think about 3 areas should be heated for maximum balance but that's just me thinking with no scientific knowledge behind it only knowledge of balancing the body.

  • I see. Yes. I meant just for any spinal mets. But the logic is the whole body I guess. Go into a sauna?? Probably not going to happen.

  • I of course did not do this. If I had another chance, I would try it. See if they let me do it.

  • You'll always have another chance for anything you want. I hear in you the voice of a man destined for Ling survival and it's been wonderful meeting you

  • Daddy,

    The protocol being recommended is the specific protocol used in the E3805 trial that showed early chemotherapy extended survival in men who had aggressive disease and were hormonally responsive. See the two advanced prostate cancer blog posts I have written below:

    The side effect profile, after one year, is actually better then for men who did not have early chemotherapy (see below):

    Cold caps as well as cold gloves (for nails) do work for some men. Some doctors discourage their use.


  • Ty Joel amazing and promising

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