Making a video about prostate cancer

I am toying with making a video about prostate cancer starting with "bad ideas".

I have heard doctors say that you got cancer because of "bad luck", and feel proud of themselves for thinking of something they can say every time they are asked.

Another idea you hear is "seed and soil". How is that better than the idea of "demons".

So to explore those ideas - what they might mean, and how useful are they, and time to stop saying them (or not).

Another topic is to try to answer the question "what causes cancer". Testosterone is implicated in its progression, so to what extent in its cause. The cause could be too much or too little, and how can that be squared with the facts - what are the facts, and can it be squared?

I could set up a shared document on google that we could use as a billboard for kicking ideas around, if others are interested at all.

Especially if anyone has a video of a doctor saying that cancer is caused by bad luck, that would be awesome. He should be speaking in a public setting.

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  • Hi Are you looking for topics for a video? Would you like to create a demo video of Cancergraph? We would love to have a pro bono 3-4 minute video showing how this new mobile symptoms and side effects recorder works. You can see it at:

  • Well my interests are more on the theoretical lines, as I mentioned. The idea is that concepts are used to fill in the blanks between the facts. Ideas are used to connect the dots. But like the stars in the sky, you can make up a lot of things out of dots. So concepts are key. For example, the idea of "chance mutation" may be unhelpful. Chance is generally thought to mean there is no cause we could ever find, but also whatever it is is not subject to any rule or understanding. However as we know, casinos are run by chance, yet the owners seem to always come out on top.

    1. Did you speak at 2016 PCRI on this app? Keeping an electronic diary...

    2. I can see the itunes site without downloading iTunes itself. I have not been able to do that before as far as I remember. Hmm.

  • Yes that was me at pcri. I spoke about Cancergraph ran a support group and was awarded the pcri Pinchot award. Nice weekend. I hope you learned a lot

  • So happy and proud for you Darryl!

  • Yes, Darryl--congratulations!

    I looked for you at your table a few times, but didn't catch you. The main time that I spent in that room was in the last hour of the conference, & most groups had packed up & left. I'm sure I would have had a chance to meet you in person if I had stayed in the hotel, but I stayed with my best friend from growing up in West LA.

  • Interesting thoughts about a video. It might have to be as complex as the disease itself, and, how diverse the men who are diagnosed with it, along with the many ways of dealing with it.

  • I have four professionally produced PCa videos on my web site at . I suggest you will get most of the material you want from my new book: An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today. Goo to Amazon or my web site for more details.

  • Much needed work you are doing.

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