Advanced Prostate Cancer

HIFU for Stage 2?

I saw where HIFU is being promoted by Cleveland Clinic Canada. It is only just being made available (at very few facilities) in the US. I am in the queue to get IMRT external beam radiation as my TURP'd prostate not considered a candidate for surgery. I'd have to reach into my own pocket to go with HIFU -- my insurance won't cover it. Anyone with HIFU experience? Is it that much better/safer than radiation for me to consider it. HIFU is a (hopefully) one time outpatient procedure taking 2 hours or so. Radiation would mean

9 weeks of daily (weekday) treatments. Gleason 8; right half only. Prostate size of 36 cc or so fits within the 40cc HIFU constraints. PSA a strangely low 2.7. TURP is actually a good thing when it comes to HIFU.

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Hi WSOPeddie. I did HIFU in May of this year. Had PVP (photo vaporization of prostate) where they widen your urethra. It was all self-funded as Humana paid nothing. Total cost thus far for PVP and HIFU is about $35,000. I am not rich but just used IRA money as I felt it was the best option for me. NO pain and no overnight hospital stays. All outpatient. PSA was 9.7 before, now 0.1. Erections still work and climax but no ejaculation. Cancer could pop up any where any time after being diagnosed so I am on 3 month watch. Would I do it again? Yes. Had it done at Scionti Prostate Center in Sarasota Florida. PVP was about 3 hours and HIFU was about 5 hours. Worst part of both was the catheter. Hate those things but only for 10 days. I guess there has to be some downside. If I did not answer all your questions, please ask. Best of all to you!

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I have one man who is in one of my face-to-face support groups who had HIFU a number of years ago in Germany. He rates his experience and the results as excellent. As mentioned having a TURP prior is important.



I have Advanced Prostate cancer & 7 1/2 yrs ago had hormone & radiation. PSA had recently been increasing at increasing rate. I am in Dallas and had the "HIFU" procedure preformed here (Texas HIFU Partners) two weeks ago. In at 5:00 AM & home at 6:00 PM.

Four weeks prior to procedure a double Hormone injection (Firmagon) . Followed by single Eligard injection . Scheduled for one additional Eligard injection . Only discomfort was the abdomenal catheter, which has now been removed. I am back to normal routine.

Also confirm unfortunately that the procedure was not covered by Insurance.


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