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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Thank you all for your tremendous response regarding always being tired with hormone treatment

I am going to take note of all the advice I have received here and get stuck into it, one thing is for sure we are all experts when it comes to cancer as we have to live with the beast being in this group has really helped me to not feel alone and for sure not feel sorry for myself 12 years now and still plodding on what have I got to moan about I have great hobbies many good and dear friends and I have had a wonderful life I reckon I have just got to up my game and to be honest I am going to see my doctor in the near future and have a chat about some of these other tablets that I am on sometimes we end up on pills that someone decided we need and next thing we spend a lifetime on them , best wishes to you all my dear friends and thank you so much Dave

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Hi durango,

Yes, the hormone treatments cause us a lot of fatigue, and while you apparently have been on them for a long time. I was only on the hormone treatments for less than four years. But I opted back in November, 2015, to have my testicles removed by a bilateral orchiectomy to try to reduce the testosterone and to stop the Lupron. It wasn't as successful as I hoped, but stopping the Lupron helped to diminish the side effects somewhat and I don't regret having it done. I remained on Xtandi until recently, and now I've stopped treatment and am in hospice care at home.

My doctor also prescribed Ritalin (methylphenidate) for cancer-related fatigue, which has been helpful when I need to have some energy for especially busy days.

The best of luck to you,




I've written before about taking Astragalon 8 which is a Chinese herbal med used for hundreds of years and used by Japanese doctors in a large general hospital for all patients. The study was a double blind one and those on Astragalon 8, whether surgical cases or whatever, left hospital after a very short time compared to the control group. Often used with other herb extracts and one in particular - forgot the name but Google Astragalon 8 for research to convince yourself of the efficacy - has special effects because of interactivity - forgot the word for that but never mind!

Get into 'fresh' juice made with 'cold press' machine - not fast juicers - 4 granny smith apples - complete - no other apples as good, four sticks of celery (no leaves - putrid taste), four carrots - carrot juice is sweet - babies like it ... no leaves, four small cms (inch or so) of ginger - knocks out bacteria - small piece of raw beetroot ... keep in fridge until you are going to juice and then after drinking time yourself - five minutes - and see how you feel ... you get a great energy lift. Make soup from a few sticks of celery, a small potato, an onion, bit of garlic, chicken or beef stock and go for it. I use a Soup Wizard and in 25 mins you get great soup - even has a reheat button -$99 in Oz ... See Dick Smith to source.

Cheers, Aussiedad

p.s. Keep a positive attitude, watch comedy films, laugh a lot - even try the 'forced' belly laughing technique which boost the system and please remember to remain active - go for a regular swim if possible.

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Durango, I found out my vitamin B-12 levels were low (around 100) ad now I take 2,000 mg tabs of methylcobalmine from a vitamin store under the tongue at night and I felt more energy within a week. My level is 640 now. The old form of cyanocobalmine has to be injected, but oral chewables are very effective of methylcobalamine.

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Dave, you are being active in your disease management, and that is very good. You are a lot stonger then you think. I know it is difficult, but don't let the beast get you down. Every morning I open my eyes, and I feel half the battle is won.

Wish you the best,



I experience the tiredness as well but as others have said, if I get up and do something the tiredness fades. If you occupy yourself with other things, you have less time to devote to thinking about being tired I suppose.

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That's a great observation. I've started getting drowsy when I read, or watch the 11 PM news, after skating through a decade of hormones without any low energy problems. But if I get up & do something, the drowsiness disappears.


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