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My friends Husband has Elevated PSA ????

My friends Husband has Elevated PSA ????

Hi Everyone ;)

This is Jackie. My friends husband had his psa.... recently and attached is the results. The doctor said it was nothing but a little elevated and they will test again in 6 months. It looks to me like 97 is something to worry about. Am I wrong? Perhaps they are measuring differently nowadays. Please help me decide if they should see another physician. The general practitioner said there could be a few reasons the PSA was high. He said they could have had sex recently or something else. Thanks so very much for anyone's information or guidance. Jackie

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Jackie, the R97.2 is the medical code for elevated PSA, not your friend's husband's PSA. Your friend's husband should call his doctor's office and ask for both his current PSA and his previous PSA.


Thank you so much EdMiller!



I would be concerned as well, however, I know the repeating the PSA would be more informative. A friend of mine had a high PSA that was due to a virus in the prostate and returned to normal. It is more common that a PSA that high can be serious and need a biopsy.


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