Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Do your research

In Tempe Az. On baseline rd.   They have been curing cancer patients  for a while  but I can't afford it and it's not covered by insurance. I'm going on 12 years with it my levels were up to 20 psi after radiation therapy and radiation seed implant. My levels never went to 0  lupron shots,vantas implant for a year. Still it was detectable around 4 I now add zeolite enhanced with oxy dhq to my daily diet. It helps reactivate your liver to filter cancer from your body. It does not kill cancer. My levels now 0.05 almost not detectable the lowest in over 10 years.  I found it on get healthy website

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what is oxy dhq ?


If the medical organization you are referring to that has supposedly "been curing cancer patients for awhile" is Cancer Centers of America - since you also remark they won't accept your insurance; likely Medicare - don't believe everything you see in their television advertisements.  In my opinion, any major medical organization that refuses to accept Medicare becomes suspect.  What you see is not always what you get.


yes, and if I may add, there is no cure for cancer. we're hopefully waiting. 

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Well, active surveillance is a kind of cure, and so is definitive treatment sometimes.


I always thought of those places as quack-ish. But my sister went to some kind of cancer center of Florida, and the service and treatment she got there was quite good. It was mostly infusion, so pretty cut and dried, but all the same, they were more smoothly run than the center she was being treated at at home. Home has added a ten story building since and may have caught up. I can't say.


I wonder how high a PSA could be and still reach a stable condition; that is, an infinite doubling time (ie - never double). In your case, since you did not have your prostate removed, it could be that there are still living prostate cells in your prostate. But for those who have had their prostate removed, the only prostate cells left would be those that had metastatsized. I wonder what the max stable PSA level would is. I have always assumed that any level is unstable, but now I am questioning that. And would that mean that the far flung prostate cancer cells had calmed down to be non-life-threatening?


Your liver can only filter the cancer that flows into it in the blood. At most.

So that leaves a lot of cancer untouched.


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