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How safe is salvage surgery to remove a lymph node at L1?

After Extandi for 3 years got rid of the bulk of the tumors, a new lymph node tumor is growing at the L1 level between the spine and the aorta.  Not very many choices now.  Wondering about salvage surgery or radiation safety.  Not had either yet nor chemo.  Don't want chemo.  Local urologist refused to do surgery after initial diagnosis GS9, M1, PSA 40, no bone mets.

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This is really a question that needs to be answered by a very experienced neurosurgeon.  I suggest that you seek one out at a major academic center and not a local doctor.



You're having such good results from Xtandi.      I've only been on it since July 31, 2014.

I don't know about surgery to remove a lymph node, my lymph gland mets are very extensive, so I can't speak to that, but could you have radiation instead to the lymph node?         Personally,   I'd rather have radiation than surgery.



The doctor at NIH recommended the one-two punch of Provenge immediately followed by Extandi after bureaucratic delays killed getting into the Prostvac trial.  At the time it was not "standard treatment" and we were lucky to get the insurance company on board.  I'm sure they did not expect him to be on it so long.


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