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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I have a prostate cancer diagnosis 5 months ago with a Gleason score of 7 , every day in the morning I use hot ginger tea with turmeric powder and a pure honey, Since I started 5 month ago , I seems and feel I am improving with urinary flow,burning sensation as well my two month ago digital rectom exam , my oncologist says my prostate looks normal. Ginger for entiinflamation and tarmaric for entioxidant. I heard ginger kills cancer cells better than memo. I hope and think it is working for me.

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I followed advice found on a different site on how to avoid the burning sensation. I take two level teaspoons of baking soda, one in am, one in pm. So far it seems to work well.


Hi, I've read in a few places that turmeric should be taken with black pepper to help the body assimilate the turmeric better. I put a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric in my smoothie everyday. I also put in about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch chunk of ginger root in it as well. It doesn't do much for the taste but when you're fighting for your life, who cares so much about the taste. And, it's not actually all that bad with frozen blueberries, strawberries and 1/2 a banana in it as well. I've been seeing a slow but steady drop in my PSA over the past 2 years.

Good luck to you,



YOu're kidding yourself. Get to a good urologist (at least) and get started on some "real" treatment.

herb S


I am not kidding, call me , 704 8776319, I will prove, Study about ginger, scientifically proved it works 10000 times better than kemo, study about tarmaric, carrot juice, baking soda , they all help to cure the cancer, get a books by Ben 's prostate and read

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