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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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My husband has advanced prostate cancer


My husband was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer three years ago. His Gleason score was 4+5=9. He has Mets to spine,ribs,pelvis and skull. So far his treatment has been Lupron shots,10 RTs for pain,1 chemo treatment which he couldn't tolerate and Xtandi. His PSA is slowly creeping up to now 8 and he says he is feeling much weaker. Having scans again this month. I'm getting very scared and worried.

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Consider Xofigo, Provenge and clinical trials.

If he can not tolerate chemotherapy and Xtandi is failing, they could try Zytiga plus prednisone but it could fail in a short time. There are other treatments such as Xofigo (should not be used if on Zytiga or if he has metastases in liver, lungs etc) for the bone metastases and immunotherapy with Provenge. If there are metastases which could be biopsied they could order genetic tests to determine if there are mutations which could allow him to used specific medicines for the genetic defects such as Keytruda, Olaparib etc.

If the cancer is PSMA positive (he would need to have a Ga 68 PSMA PET/CT or a 18F DCFpyl PET study), he could be treated with Lu177 PSMA or Actinium 225 PSMA.

There are clinical trials for the PET studies and the Lu 177 PSMA treatment.

You were given good suggestions by other posters.


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Great advice above from Great people.

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