Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Radiation burn

Update. Ointment prescribed by radiation oncologist was Silvadene cream 1% for the most badly burned area, about a 3" X 4" area on the front, which blistered and peeled; and Aquaphor for the area about 6 inches around it which just got red and itched and a similar area that developed on my left buttock. The Silvadene relieved the burning pain on the 3 X 4 area almost immediately. The Aquaphor relieved the itching. I now have a nice dark tan area on the front and on my buttock. While, it would be nice to have a whole body tan like that, I think I am going to pass.

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Did they also say you should stay well hydrated; drink lots of water?


Don't recall that. Although , I hear that every time I have a radioactive injection prior to a scan.


Thank you for the info.     I just finished treatment #8 out of 20 treatments to re-shrink my prostate tumor, which has become excruciatingly painful.      I only had ten treatments previously to the sacrum back in 2014, but no complications from it.

As the radiation this time is much stronger, I do expect the possibility of some burns, and will know what to ask for if and when it happens.    (my prostate couldn't be removed because of involvement with bladder and rectum wall).

The best of luck to you,



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