Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Who Should Be Responsible For Your Survivorship Care?

Prostate cancer treatments are getting better so we are living longer. This means that we will not only have side effects from our treatments, but we will be around to have other medical issues that will need the care of a doctor. We often have many different doctors who are involved in our treatments including Family (General) Physicians, Urologists and Oncologists. When we need a doctor to care for us to help deal with side effects or those new issues we face which of these doctors should be responsible for our care?

Not only is this often not clear to us survivors, it also isn't clear to our doctors.


Who is responsible for your survivorship care?

Has this worked for you?

What would be better for you?

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Great question. Seems like a doctor with a global view on my health would be a good choice. Either a doctor who knows me a long time and is invested in my wellbeing or a medical oncologist


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