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affordable ADHD testing and diagnosis

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Hello. For a number of years, my adult stepson has displayed symptoms of ADHD but getting tested by a reliable professional here in northeast Florida has been difficult. Also, ADHD testing is excessively expensive because insurance plans refuse to cover it. Where can I go to get my son tested and diagnosed without bankrupting our family?

4 Replies
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Look for a Federally Qualified Health Center. They charge based on income. Also look for sliding scale mental health clinics in your area.

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Hi there,

If you haven't done this already, see if you can get a referral for testing from his primary physician. Many insurance companies in the US will deny, or not cover, certain things without an official referral. And sadly some insurance companies won't tell you this a head of time.

If you insurance still says "no" formally appeal the decision- all insurance companies have an appeals process.

You may also want to call CHADD to see if they can help in this process. You can find their toll free number at the top of their web page

Worse case, shop for a new insurance plan that has better mental health benefits. This is worse case as you're like looking at next year for this as most plans just started the first of January. Some cover more than others, my evaluation I had was completely covered.

Good luck.

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Psychiatrist or a related specialist like a Nurse Practitioner (with counseling certifications) that lists ADHD as a specialty may be able to diagnose.

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Is your stepson in college? UNF tests students at a discounted rate. Maybe other schools do too. Also, my MD gave me an ADHD screen and then referred me to a specialist to check for ADHD. That was covered by insurance, whereas just heading directly for the diagnosis was not.

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