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ADHD medication - does the side effects get better?

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Hi all,

I'm 25 years old (f) I've just recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I started Elvanse (30mg) on Monday. First of all I can't sleep at all, I was having two hours sleep and doing all dayers from Monday to Wednesday.

My heart is beating fast and I feel SO anxious about my heart I've experienced quite a few panic attacks this week because of this. When my brain is about to sleep my heart wakes me up with palpations.

I ended up burning myself out on Thursday night I had really high BP and a racing heart I ended up falling asleep at 7am this morning and sleeping all day until 6pm which means I missed today's dose and even still my chest is hurting now! And now I have to do yet another another all nighter to take the medication at 6.30am to stay awake all day to do an a all dayer

I have spoke to my phsyciatrist company and they just say I need to stick to the titration period. So have to take 30mg everyday this week and then go up to 40mg a day next week!! I said to them I think 40mg is going to make me a lot worse but they said to just keep pushing through it!

I'm scared constantly. My questions are:

- does the heart palpitations stop at any time at all?

- does the anxiety get better?

- has anyone else been through this and continued taking this drug?

- does the feelings of stress and irritation go away?

I'm in a really bad place at the moment any help or assistance would be really appreciated.

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Hiya jessie-ann,what i do know is that summat has to change.You can't keep going like this.Can you possibly speak to someone at the NHS website,they'll be able to give you info and suggestions about a way forward.Maybe,you've gotta ease back on your working hours just a touch to take some stress off your anxiety.Maybe if you have some holidays due,you can chuck some in to spread your working week.but please change summat specially right now.Gd luck.

I had none of those side effects. seems maybe you need a different medication. can you find a second opinion, through an online ADHD clinic or another dr? I had better luck working with a neurologist instead of a psych.

Hi I don’t know anything about Elvanse specifically but Im pretty sure that’s a sign you need to change something. I think it’s worth being kind of pushy about it and just putting your foot down and insisting that they change something. Don’t let them push you to a higher dose I’m not really sure that’s going to help. My guess is that you have anxiety along with ADHD and the medication is making it worse somehow which can happen with several other types of ADHD medications.

Hi. I’ve been on meds for 18 months Ritalin, then Dex, then Vyvance. All with different sleep experiences. Switch meds if they’re not helping make life somewhat better over all.

You need to meditate and stop projecting the future. Live for the moment don’t assume the worse. Self care is very important.

You do not have to increase the dose. You can tell your prescriber that you don't feel comfortable with it, or that you want to stay at the current dose until your body settles down and then you can consider increasing it. Talk with your pharmacist about side effects. They have been a great resource that I've used frequently will navigating meds and side effects.

On stimulants my heart rate resting was about 103 and if I was anxious 140. It's not ideal. My blood pressure was not effected. As long as your blood pressure is staying below 160/x, you're probably okay, but if you go above 160 BP, and that's new to this med, definitely talk with your psychiatrist. Good luck.

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