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Feeling Depressed ☹️


Hey guys,

Most of you have probably felt this way before, but I’m feeling like a complete failure and that my life is passing me by and I’ll have nothing to show for it.

I know my life isn’t all bad - I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters (one still young enough to be keeping me up in the night,) and everyone says I’ve got a lot of creative talent, but I’m still feeling like my life isn’t going to matter.

I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m whining, I could just really use some prayers or positive vibes right now.


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I can definitely relate. Like your were just doing, focus on the positive not the negative. I’ve been in severe depression’s many of times, but it has been a number of years since last one. I tried to catch myself once I start thinking negatively about myself, and put in some kind of positive thoughts and activities to get my mind off the negative. It definitely helps to be around positive people that could be uplifting and comforting. It’s easy for me to develop a list of negative things about myself, but I need to take time to develop a list on positive things in my life. But when I do, I try to focus on them.

This too shall pass! What helps me is to remember similar moments in the past when I felt the same and how things shifted again. I look at these as transient, episodic, informative, and yes helpful. I try to reflect on what is bothering me at the moment and try fixing it if I can. If I conclude is just a mood thing then I look at it as part of my nature but not who I am as a whole. Hope this helps:)💐

Hiya I was sunshine,first of all,you're not whining.Youre struggling,maybe things have got on top of you.youre acknowledging it,that's a start.youre probably just really mentally and physically exhausted and feel you're not alert and you're in a place where you're routine is very samey.If you can,break the patterns by doing something for yourself daily,ie going shopping with friends,getting out the house on your own for a bit,try meditation and try to break up your routine anyway you can.Also,you could try a quick 10 min exercise routine,anything.hope it helps some.

People with ADHD have a lot of negative self-talk. You can't stop it you have to replace it with positive self-talk. I also recommend exercise, it can be hard to motivate myself to do it but it helps.

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I know what You mean. I tend to get manic and start ruminating and getting wound up about the same old things.

What are your creative talents?

Hey Billy50,

I am a children’s book writer and illustrator, so I write stories and take them to a critique group once a month. I make my illustrations using pen and ink and watercolor and was recently commissioned by the church we attend to paint 4 large pieces for them. (I’m hoping to get an iPad soon so that I can dabble in digital art and I’d also love to learn animation.)

And I LOVE music! I sing, play the piano, and I’ve just started learning how to play the bass guitar.

Thank you for asking! It’s really been helpful to focus on the positives ❤️

Wow. I am impressed. You have a lot of talent and a lot going for you. Alongside all the good ideas people already said, I like to "flip the script." When you say your life isn't going to matter you might challenge that negative thought. You could say, "My life DOES matter because I am so creative and I inspire others." Or, "My life DOES matter because I am living my passion and raising an amazing family."

That’s really kind of you to say 😌 Thank you!

I am absolutely going to use that technique of flipping the script- what a great idea! Maybe I’ll go a step further and write them out on 3x5 cards and keep them in my nightstand. That way when my brain is being stubbornly negative I’ll have a way to combat it.

Thanks, again!

Great! I hope that helps you. Not to get too technical, but it's actually a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique that can help with anxiety and depression. Those are other mental health disorders I've struggled with.

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