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Are ferrets the perfect mascot for ADHD family? Always on the move, always running till they crash, but still they are cute, smart and know how to survive.

On another note - why I joined actually - i always have had great imagination, always think 5 things at the same time, but i can still focus on serious tasks.. am I adhd spectrum? After I had very disturbing anxiety and panic attacks when I quit smoking, I suddenly became aware of the very random thoughts I have all the time. Might be just maturing( just hit 30) as work and family became priority, but sometimes my inner monologue goes off the rails. I will write a document and contemplate why someone said this or that and plan my future in background.. doesnt feel crazy or overwhelming, just that its sometimes random things i should not be thinking about at that time

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Yes to the feret! Thanks for the chuckle. I know how you feel. I have accomplished a lot in my life based on sheer grit I think, which can tame ADHD, or maybe stuff it away, which is zero helpful. Hope you are seeing someone to talk these thoughts out. Hugs.

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Not seeing anyone. I think I never even realized I had slight hyperthinking until now.

I think I always perceived my overtly imaginative and quick multilayered thinking as an advantage. Only when I got other issues I suddenly realized I think a bit too much (or rather have focused on the negative recently.. i enjoy quick thinking. Its good for my life so far)

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