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Being a college student while struggling with ADD inattentive type


I’m only a month and half in school and already stressed out. Once again, I moved. Jumping from different family homes, working only 6 hours a month (but will be starting my second job tomorrow FINALLY.

Am I the only one who finds “being in the process of settling”, dreadful and torture to the brain? I work with children (so I am juggling with going back and fourth with bringing in required paperwork). Plus my current job as a waiver service provider working for children in foster care, it is required to write progress notes. I feel like my brain is about to EXPLODE. I am so upset, so worried, feeling like I am not capable (at least I’m aware these feelings are only temporary cause I’ve experienced these feelings before in elementary and high school). But now as an young adult this feels like torture, nothing but torture. I can’t stop crying. And my older sister who doesn’t understand my mental health is over telling me I don’t need to cry about this. I told yes I can, and I definitely don’t need someone to tell me how I should feel. I am human. I am aloud to cry for the moment.

I haven’t got my college accommodations yet because I still need a proper evaluation. (According to a letter I received from Access- VR I will be receiving one this Friday). How do I feel about it? This process makes me feel upset. I really wanted to prevent these feelings of un capability.. and now that things are getting real intense I now get an evaluation. Where I feel humiliated because I also have been effing up at work with progress notes being processed the day before it’s due date, and also I made a huge mistake with budgeting.

Has anyone experienced not receiving accommodations in college? Do you think it would be pointless to email professor about gave me more time to hand in an assignment that’s due tomorrow morning?

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Colorlove, I agree with Motivatedone in being proactive and pursuing the accommodations. We all have times where we feel so inadequate and even unbalanced. You have the strength and ability to finish this task, so go a little easy on yourself and do something that relaxes you each day. Blessings!

Motivatedone and dgs2018 both made some good points.

I just recently got my accommodations for college (I'm in my second year). I don't know about your college but mine wouldn't allow extra time on homework, only tests, however if your teachers care about their students at all you could most likely work something out with them personally especially if you are going to a small school that has 10-20 students per class as opposed to the 30-50+ in larger schools.

I find that adjusting to new situations is super nerve wrecking and filled with stomach aches, but once I acclimate it feels like I've never done anything different and in long term situations I couldn't imagine going back.

Good luck with the accommodations!

Thank you all! I went to see a counselor at my school and spoke with my professor. My professor thought it is unhealthy for me to work so much and also go to school.

But I am committed to school, I want my education. The counselor suggested I should find a job that less hard. And she was so awesome! I am able to proceed with applying while wait for my therapist to write a letter for them. Thank goodness! In the summer I spoke with another woman who told me I needed a proper evaluation in order to get accommodations.

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