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A book recommendation for people living with ADHD/ADD


This book brought to tears when I read the first page but I also made me obsessive which lead to anxiety. I am a woman living with ADD inattentive type. I had to stop reading it. However I do go to this book when I need tips and ways to cope and also has LOTS of resources. I’ll take pictures of those pages (the resources and tips). Have a lovely day everyone.

Has anyone read this book? What was your experience like reading this book?

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I haven't read this book, thanks for the recommendation, I think he has some youtube videos too. "How to ADHD" channel refers to him, I remember.

I’ve had a recent diagnosis or

Combined ADHD (my hyperactivity is my racing mind) and GAD

will this help me?

Colorlove in reply to Morgs89

Yes definitely! I mean he speaks more about the ADHD but in the resource section he has recommendations for people living with GAD.


I started reading this book, because just about everyone in the ADHD community recommends it. I have to explain first, that I really don’t like the individual case format this book is written in. This was a very popular format in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s for self help books. To me they always looked phony and as it turns out, most of them were not written by the people whose name is on the cover of the book, but ghostwriters that were often grad students and assistants to the supposed writers. I’m not saying that this is the case with this book. I don’t know. However the format is just like those old self help books, which kinda turned me off in the first chapter. I did decide to go the the second chapter and that’s where I lost interest. The subject is a southern woman with a southern accent. The description of her in the beginning is a bit artificial to me. My main problem with this sophisticated woman with a southern accent, is that she is supposedly from New Orleans. The problem I have with that, is that I lived in New Orleans for a decade and no one raised in that city has a southern accent. The New Orleans accent is more closer to NY Brooklyn accent. It made me think, what else is not correct in this book. I stopped reading. This completely killed my interest.

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Can't even read half me own

Every one got adult adhd got different things as well so I go on person not how to live with an ADHD should be how to live with meself

I read this book years ago when I was diagnosed as an adult. I remember feeling relief reading it. I could relate to many things in the book.

I love this book and often go back to it. I have it on audio as well as codependent no more. It has various tips that have helped me at different times along the way.

I started reading that book but stopped because I couldn't relate to it. I really like 'Adult women with Attention Deficit Disorder" the first edition to start it was easy to read and understand, after reading it I. knew without a doubt I had ADD. The 2nd edition has updated info, but I find it is harder to read and understand because of all the facts, tables etc.. I wouldn't have finished the book. It does need to be updated but I wish she would have just written another book instead updating the one she had already written.

She is a women who has ADD. Male writers are coming from a male perspective.

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