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Anxiety meds with ADHD

I'm finding that my anxiety is only improving a tiny bit on my adderall, and I'm wondering if a medicine specifically for anxiety would help. I cannot get to sleep because my brain is buzzing constantly, and every noise wakes me up. I've bitten my nails all but off, and I can't relax my nervous energy. Is anyone on here taking anxiety meds? If so, is it helping?

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I take generic Ritalin, morning and afternoon and also had trouble sleeping until two years ago...I take Ambien generic which works great for me. I don't wake up drowsy like with over-the-counter sleep aids; rather I wake feeling rested. Talk to your doctor. You might need to try a couple different medications to help, such as trazadone, but there are medications that work and help with getting a good night's sleep...one of the best things I got help with.


I take anxiety mediation with Adderall. I take small doses whenever I feel "nervous energy." definitely know what you're talking about. I would look into it.


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