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Check out the ADHD Palooza Feb. 5–10, 2018

Do yourself a favor and sign up for the FREE ADHD “Palooza”—Feb. 5–10, 2018 (see to sign up). This is a week-long webinar featuring ADHD pundits presenting on relevant topics. I found these to be extremely helpful. Most of the presenters have decades of experience and often cope with ADHD themselves. There is a wealth of wisdom here!

Of note, generally they have 4 to 5 presenters on each day (for the 5 days) and the presentations last approx. 20 minutes (because they understand that humans can’t pay attention much longer than that!). The presentations are usually available for approx. 24 hours too allow flexible viewing. Usually these events are recorded and one can purchase digital access to the material. The presenters often have some sort of cheat-sheet PDF (or the like) that one can download for free. It may take you a bit to get used to this type of presentation—especially if you have a full-time job, family, etc. that limits your private time to watch the presentations.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH YOUR TIME! Sign up today! to sign up

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