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I need some help how do i start this please dont just say got to the doctor... i just dont know how to do this stuff

I need some help how do i start this please dont just say got to the doctor... i just dont know how to do this stuff


Im jacob im 25 and need help. I was diagnosed with add back in idk 2nd grade i think that was 96,97 started off taking little blue pills shaped like footballs then a bunch of difgerent color capsules everytime i went to the doctor they changed my perscription someway not sure. Part of my problem.. but gma heard about what was in the meds and took me off them at about 7th grade same year my dad was shot and killed so not sure if that plays into this but i was an honoroll student untill 8th grade when i returned back to school i had gaind 80 lbs and was suspendended on the first day of school within the first hour.never got back on the medication after soctors switched feom add to adhd actually i havent seen a doctor since then i went from 140 lbs to 230lbs inbetween 8 grade and 9th grade school pictures and all the way up to 285 for 11 grade pictures was so embarased when i didnt recognize the guy in the id was me i switched school started using drugs and got back down to 175 a little after i would of graduated not even close btw but its been almost 8 years i worjed the first 3 and have no idea what hapend to the last 5 years i dont know what to do i still have not seen a doctor since 8th grade dont know what to say all my family that would have known about my medical hostory have passed away and i dont even know how make stupid apptmt or stay foccused for more than 5 min to figure out what to do i went online to make ane appt and somhow found this fourm at 302 am for adult adhd but cant find sign in sheet for a o well breathe everythings ok could be worse right everything always works out and tomarow always comes no matter how bad today is look forward to a better tomarrow;) thanks just needed to get that out.

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Take one step at a time. You cannot change the past, but you can work to improve your future. Simply by reaching out on this forum, you took a big step. That's a positive right there to be proud of. Might I suggest finding the number to a neurologist and then handing that number over to a close friend, whom you trust, to actually call and make you an appointment. Have them even come WITH you to make sure that you make it there (tell them they need to drive you and make you enter the building....sounds silly, but I've been there and avoided it all!). They don't have to come in the actually doctors room with you, that's all you, but taking the pressure off making the appointment and actually getting you there in the waiting room would open up a whole new experience for you to get the help that you want, and need. It is not always easy to ask for help, but give it a try. Its how I am getting through my ADHD as well as an adult. Good luck!


I'm right there with you. My life sucks. I got dx with breast cancer and I weigh about 86 now. I finished my treatments and my 5 yr after tx meds. I was diagnosed.with adult ADHD a few yrs back. I felt like I was chasing my tail all the time. Plus I was raising my 2 grandkids from ages 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 . They are 22 and 19 now. Took in a 5 week old crack baby in 2006 she's now 11. All three have ADHD and the last one is really severely depressed. I'm 59 now and she thinks I'm going to die. She has lost everyone she has been close to . Death, moving etc. The two older kids have moved out and she is very distructive. In the mean time, with every death , or event I am sinking deeper and deeper. My house is a so full of stuff. Not junk or garbage or food wrappers or bugs and animals. Just eBay stuff . 99% old toys. Fisher Price and playskool. I never had toys as a kid. We we too poor. Anyhoo, I was seeing a therapist and psychiatrist prob spelled that wrong. She was giving me 3 valium a day, 2_30 mg Adderall a day . And Prozac. I started gaining weight and doing fine. Then the Dr joined the army. She was in her 50s I think. Gave everyone a three month supply. So I started losing weight again. It would take 5 books to tell you my probs and feeling. But I got on here to find out how to help my 11 yr old. And came here. Don't even know why I started this. I know I'm not going to finish it . I hate my life this way.


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