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Letting my job know


I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD two months ago and prescribed 20mg extended release Adderall to help with the symptoms. Since being diagnosed a lot of the troubles I was having at work, such as feeling constantly overwhelmed, distracted, and accumulating too much overtime, have gotten so much better. I think I need to tell my human resources department about my new diagnosis, but do not want to looked down on for having the diagnosis or chastised for taking a stimulate drug. For my job I can get randomly drug tested and I fear that if I don't tell them soon I could lose my job or lose my professional license.

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You do not have to tell HR, and your medication shouldn't show up in a drug test. Even if it did, your company is not allowed to terminate your position based on an ADHD diagnosis. That would be a violation of the American's with Disabilities Act.

On the other hand, it might be worthwhile to have a meeting with HR to openly discuss accommodations that would help improve productivity at work. I don't think it is necessary to come out and say, "I have ADHD," but rather, "these are the areas where I struggle... how can we work together to make a plan?"


Let me second "these are the areas where I struggle, how can we work together to make a plan". This is a powerful statement of accountability and responsibility and it shows the type of self awareness a good employer would respond postiviely to.

Honestly, your work doesn't care that you have ADHD. They want to know they have the right person in the right job. If I was an employer who had an employer who could identify his/her weaknesses and articulate them like that, I'd look for ways to help that person to succeed.


I honestly wouldn't worry about loosing your job. While ADHD mediation shows up on some drug tests, as long as you are taking it as prescribed the American's with Disabilities act prohibits your termination (as ACohen2 posted). If they do then you have grounds for a lawsuit.

As for your HR department, that is entirely up to you. HR departments follow HIPPA laws so all of the documentation regarding your health is private (I'm assuming you have health insurance that would generate records that they could access in instances such as your medication coming up on a drug screening). In other words if you don't tell them you are still protected. Your medical issues are no one's business but yours.

On the other hand, if you share your diagnosis with co-workers and feel you are being chastised or looked down upon; that is harassment and is an HR issue that should be reported.


Thank you all for your support! I am a worrier and this has been on my mind for a while. I talked to my psychiatrist about this topic too and she said the same thing that you all said.


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