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A Rough Day

Having a rough day. Woke up with the feeling of intense fear and cried off and on because I left so scared. It took me a few hours to calm myself down along with taking a couple of Clombazam (emergency medication my doctor prescribed). Over the past couple of months I have noticed my already poor motivation become even more lacking to the point where I have not done any housework, dishes or laundry in two months. Only recently (about a week ago) did I manage to unpack my suitcase from a trip I took in July. I have stopped wearing makeup to work and shower the least amount possible (about every 4 days). I know I need to change my life to be more socialable and get involved in activities of interest rather than sit at home all the time watching TV but the problem is I have no energy by the time I am done work I am exhausted and on weekends I feel tired too. The thought of getting dressed, and presentable to see a friend or go to a coffee shop on the weekend is just too much work. I know I should do this as it would be good for me to socialize and get out of the house. One of my close friends who I have confided in about what has been going on over the past few months thinks I need to talk to my doctor as she thinks I am at a breaking point. I don't want to talk to my doctor because all the doctor does is put me on more medication and I feel like I am already taking enough medication and at a high dosage. Anyhow, that is where I am at today.

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Hi GBeas, I'm a Mom of a ADHD 19 years old boy, It is hard for us as it is for you to go day by day with this challenge, but I feel like you are special people, that shows your strong soul fighting day by day with all this symptoms of depression and incomprehension from other, but you have to believe in yourself, I do not know what I will do Without my son, and also he teach me every days a lesson of strong and power soul, when he wakeup fighting his symptoms and go to work, he turn his depression in to a tool to help others, and that help himself to get out of his depression, little by little, day by day, you will pass this moment, it is a moment with yourself, be strong darling, you are an amazing human being and you are so special, show people around that you are strong enough to fight this challenge, God bless you hard and remember you have the power in your hands, someone, somewhere needs your help, with all my love.



"Benzos" don't help with ADD symptoms in my experience! Rather, they make it MUCH ... MUCH ... MUUUUUCCCCCHHHH worse. I suggest you talk with you doctor and look at Ritalin or Adderral. The meds to 'calm' you down and quiet the mind ... work ... that is your problem ... your being medicated wrong! Tell your doctor that the meds don't work.


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Feel same most days but i now no I'm no alone


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