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I'm totally aware about my mental issue, I have a severe ADHD but I have attend to all kind of courses or workshop as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, I don't drink, I don't take illicit drugs, I do listen, I don't interrupt, I do finish my task,I force my self to rest, and choose the less tasks as posible, I still don't un understand why people judge me from the first time no one gives me a chance to work , people get scare or rejective to me, I do know I have to use my own method to develop a project.

My frustration is, if the job is done, why care so much about the rule or hierarchy ?

I think I didn't post properly thanks M.McPherson

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People always judge people on what they've heard about them without getting to know them. It's annoying when they assume you can't do it or that there is someone who can 'help' you with it when you can do it perfectly fine

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