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Incompletions everywhere!

I just joined this group and am excited to share support and encouragement. I am being less passive with my ADHD and working hard to play to my strengths manage my symptoms and get the support I need by building a support team. I always thought I could do this myself if only I tried harder. I realize now that I must have a team behind me to have a life I love with ADHD. ADHD does not have to be my enemy; I can make peace and embrace it. That being said: My number one aspect of my ADHD that I am working on is following through with commitments, and completing projects and tasks on time. Right now, my life is littered with broken promises to myself and others, with incompleted projects and clutter. I have formed a support group for professional women with ADHD, which will kick off in the fall in my community. The goal is to help, and hold each other to account for setting -and getting! - our goals in life. Power in numbers, can't do this alone.

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I wanted a group that would support me and each other and this group is exactly that a group of amazing people all here to help each other.

Power in numbers!!!!

If you have a question then feel free to ask😉

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I would love to be part of a support group like that. It's only taking me ten years to get my undergrad degree...


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