Can someone point me to an employer that will hire me or an organization that will help me. I am 37, ADHD, still live at home and can’t get a job, maybe its the interview process, I don’t know. Please help me have a chance at life, please.

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  • You may want to look into CHADD. It’s a national resource for ADHD in the United States.


    Talk with an ADHD Information Specialist

    1-800-233-4050, Monday-Friday, 1-5 pm ET

    Please let me know how things are going for you.

  • Thank you so much...I’ll let you know

  • Is there a certain type of job that you’re looking for?

  • Any job with benefits

  • There is no certain type, just want a job with benefits.

  • That is not a good way to look for a job. What are you qualified to do?

  • Medical tech, but got laid off 1.5 years ago, been doing house painting, warehouse and retail.

  • Medical tech, but got laid off about 1.5 years ago, been doing some house painting, warehouse and retail.

  • Any job with benefits

  • Ok

  • For me personally, I find a job more enjoyable if it’s something I’m interested in or have a passion about. For example, I worked in a sports store in my 20’s because I liked swimming, running, bicycling, and all sports. That interest helped me during the interview and during my training. I didn’t like balancing the cash drawer or anything to do with numbers, but the other interesting parts of my job made-up for the difficult part. Today, I work in an elementary school helping students who have learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, etc. I myself, have ADHD and struggled in school, so I want to help the kids and have a high interest because I struggled and still struggle today!

    Maybe if you made a list of things you like doing, hobbies, and areas that interest you? Just sit down with a piece of paper and don’t over think it. Start writing a list of things you like. For example, my list would read something like this: swimming, ADHD help, learning strategies, health, fitness, kids, humor, talking to people, alone time, nature, camping, etc. You may find there are many different jobs that may spark your interest!

  • Thank you. I will do those things

  • 37 is sort of late to develop an employment problem. What kind of jobs have you had so far? What is it about the interview process that gives you trouble?

  • Are you willing to relocate?

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