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Non-Chewable Multivitamin Options?

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My son is 6 and is great about swallowing pills but hates the texture of anything chewable. Has anyone found a good swallowable multivitamin?

We like the Nordic Naturals fish oil softgels but can't seem to find any good reputable multivitamins for a kid his age other than chewables. I'd rather not do gummies because of the sugar.

He eats a very narrow diet (mostly apples, bagels, waffles, PB&J sandwiches, cheese, and sweets) and I wonder if a good multivitamin would help him.

6 Replies
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wellkid is the brand I use for my little one.

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try Hardys daily essential nutrients. They have clinical trials on adhd with their product.

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Renzo's Picky Eater Kids Multivitamin - Vegan Multivitamin for Kids with Iron, Vitamin C, and Zero Sugar, Dissolvable and Easy To Take 

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Pure Encapsulations makes non-chewable junior vitamins with bioavailable ingredients.

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My daughter takes a capsule from Wellness Resources.

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You could be strategic and give specific vitamins/minerals, which means you can go for basic pills instead of going for specialized kids multivitamins that can get quite pricy.

Clinical studies still have conflicting results, so be skeptical of anything that claims to have the perfect formulation.

Instead, D, iron, and zinc are good to try. Maybe get some bloodwork to identify any deficiencies they might have and go from there.

Remember to keep their physician in the loop with any suppliments you give them, as some can interfere with either the function or absorption of medications.

Also, D is best when taken with a source of calcium, while iron and calcium compete for absorption. Be aware that how you give supplements can be at least as important as what you give.

Also keep in mind that the evidence of suppliments for treating ADHD are dubious at best, so feel free to supplement for dietary reasons, but don't expect miracles with respect to ADHD.

Non-medically, there are a number of things that have a great deal of impact with ADHD. Physical exercise is probably the one with the biggest clinical results. I've found with my 8yo son that playing a board game in the evening helps him practice having to do executive function tasks while reserves are low while doing an activity we enjoy.

Im tempted to start him on D&D as an incentive to practice his handwriting ;-)

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