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Struggling Single Mama #thestrugglesarereal #unicornmama #luckyfinmom

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I honestly don't know where to begin 🤦 It seems like, just one day, a switch got flipped on and my little girl became.. different. No, not in a bad way. I really wish I could record our lives, 24/7, for 2wks because then (hopefully) someone would understand and see what could be (what needs to be) done to help us.

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I’m so sorry. I won’t say that I understand, because what each parent experiences is different, but I often wish that other parents with neurotypical children could see how difficult parenting a neurodiverse child actually is. We do NOT get enough credit. This community can relate…people have been so kind and sympathetic. Can you try posting one specific behavior that you could use help with and see if anyone has any advice? Lots of parents on here have dealt with much more than I have and do have experience and advice. Sending support to you and your child!

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pRoudmommy2014 in reply to eva2022

Thank you! I will create a post about her. Hopefully I'll get some help. Bless you and yours. 🙏

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We are all parents in the same boat here. As others say- do write in detail about your daughter, don’t worry, no one is judgmental here. People may have some ideas, people might have been through the same, some people read some books that they may recommend or even simple strategies or even where to ask for help for specific stuff. Just don’t give up on your daughter. Start each day fresh, don’t dwell what went wrong the previous day. Don’t blame yourself. Take care of yourself because you need to be there for your daughter.

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pRoudmommy2014 in reply to Pattimum

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

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I hear you proudmommy. How old is your child? It't like every stage they go thru they are somehow different. You will find some great support here. Hugs .

I feel you & I see you! I too am a single mom of a 10 year old daughter. We don’t have much support from her dad as he’s in denial she has ADHD & against medical advice & mental health. Which in turn makes it difficult for me to parent alone in this journey.

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Nanchli in reply to adhdsinglemom1103

yes, I am trying hard to make my husband understand that we need help :(

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