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Vyvance- nearly $5/pill?!

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My 8 y.o. is currently taking Vyvance Capsules, 20 MG for ADHD & we are happy to report that after years of trying different medications, this one seems to be the right one.

We are getting the prescription from our BS/BS insurance through Express Scripts. The cost is $4.63 a pill!

Any thoughts on where I can find this medication at a better price point?

This is excessive. Ugh!

Thank you,


7 Replies
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Glad you found what works for him. You could contact.thr company that makes the medication and are if they have any programs to help.

It sounds like there is no generic version?

Good luck!

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Check to see if there is a savings card from the pharmaceutical company.


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We are in the same situation. My understanding from my daughter’s dr is that there will be a generic released in Jan/Feb of 2023. Until then, we are stuck either switching for 1-3 mos to a different/less expensive drug, paying full price for the name brand, or getting a discount card through the manufacturer to lower the price a little. No good choices really. Good luck to you!

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Hi, google "Vyvanse savings card" and you will be able to find it at a better price. My son's script went down to $30/mo using it.

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Hi my child also takes Vyvanse for over a year now. The only downfall is that it suppresses appetite maybe more than most other meds. But it has been super helpful! It also is very expensive and does not have a generic yet. However, there are 2 different discount offers: one is you pay $30 a month (see Vyvanse website); the other may cover full cost if you qualify (search Help at Hand Takeda...I believe is what it is). It's bad enough our little ones have a difficult time and it's hard for parents to fully understand and deal with behaviors at times BUT we should not have to have added stress over paying for any type of help for them whether meds, therapy, or any medical stuff. Good luck!

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My daughter has been on Vyvanse for quite a few years and it works great however, depending on what insurance we have at the time we have paid up to $15 a pill! The coupon from Vyvanse helps but not sure why the prices are all over the place.

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that is tough. Even GoodRx is way too expensive for Vyvanse. With our insurance it was almost $200 per month. That always enraged me. My daughter has since switched to Focalin which is cheaper and working for her. I'm sorry I don't have a solution for you. It's just another example of how drug companies are greedy thieves. Btw, there IS a manufacturers coupon for Vyvanse. I can't remember how much it takes off the price but it definitely helps a lot - At LEAST $60 off. Go to Vyvanse website to get the coupon. Or ask the doctor who prescribes it. They have the coupons too. But it's very easy to get so make sure you do that.

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