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ADHD and gambling

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I have an adult child with ADHD and is addicted to gambling : It’s so painful. Any help? He’s not working.

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I guess my first question is: does he think of himself as an addict? And is he willing to stop? Does he live with you? How old? And do you pay his expenses?

For me it's video games. Any addiction can be harmful, but mine at least has no financial consequences.

Addiction is a slightly different animal for people with ADHD, so try to find specific resources.

Most of the time, my first question I have with any addiction is "What need does it fill?" Understanding that can go a long way toward figuring out what healthier outlets might meet the same need, or what changes they need to make so they don't feel the need to scratch that itch.

In the meantime, see if he's willing to hand off financial control to someone he trusts. There was a time when I held onto a friend's credit and debit cards. I didn't have access to them, but I could be a buffer for her. Because she needed to ask me for them, that helped her consider her decisions. For people with ADHD, sometimes simply having a buffer to allow the rational brain time to take over from the impulsive one is all we need.

Just curious does he have tools to decrease the symptoms of ADHD? Medication, therapy and any other supports he may need? If not maybe he could start there. Good luck

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