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College age son wants to try meds again...any experienced people with elite distance runners and medication. He's a Division 1 athlete.

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My son did well on Concerta when he was 11-12 but we had to take him off due to side effects. Other stimulants were tried with catastrophic side effects during high school and as a result, he became terrified of taking any medication. Fast forward, now in college and really struggling...He's having anxiety, RSD, procrastination, relationship difficulties due to his irritability, and terrible troubles with organizing his time. Additionally, he is an elite distance runner and is concerned about medication affecting his performance negatively. We are going to try him on Concerta, a very low dose again with 10 mg of Celexa (which he has taken for 10 years). Anyone out there with experience with Concerta and running performance good or bad. Any other suggestions. One doctor said we might try Wellbutrin (off label for ADHD and is an SNRI) and we have read about a new drug called Quellbre.

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Thanks for sharing.. Not sure what professional he is seeing, but a Psycharistrist would be very helpful.

They really know what dose is rhe best fit, what type of medication and what the best timing for the individual body and metabolism.

Trying low dose Concerta with a gardual increase if needed is a reasonable strategy.

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