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Quelbree - anyone have experience with this new adhd drug?

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Has anyone tried the newly approved adhd medication Quelbree? Our childs doctor recommended we give it a try but we are very apprehensive to make the change.


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We tried Qelbree with my 10-year-old while he was quarantined in August. The first day he took it he became very lethargic and fell asleep in the afternoon for three hours (he did not have COVID). He is normally very active and never naps so I was concerned. The next day after his second dose he started behaving very strangely, uncontrollable laughing, rolling around on the floor, yelling, and extremely defiant. Doing his homework with him was nearly impossible because his behavior was so awful. The next three days on Qelbree made his behavior even worse, manic and nasty. My husband and I were at our wit's end and our 13-year-old was hiding in his room from his little brother's crazy behavior so we stopped the medication and the next day he was his usual self. His neurologist said he had a very bad reaction to Quelbree and to be fair he is very sensitive to medications. Now he's taking two 2.5 mg of Focalin morning and afternoon just for school days and nothing else but vitamins and his ADHD is under control. Be very careful and watch your child closely if you give them Qelbree.

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Hi,Thank you for your response.

Your sons experience with Quelbree is definitely

not a good one … happy to hear the focalin and vitamins are working for your son.

We tried Quelbree last month. Our 9 year old has had terrible side effects with all other ADHD meds we've tried but our doc recommended we give this one a shot. We saw slight improvement in her attention and focus, but it gave her severe insomnia.

She also seemed to be a little more irritable than usual. Tantrums were a bit more drastic.

We gave it a few weeks hoping she would adjust to it, but ultimately quit it as the trade off of meltdowns and not getting a good night's sleep was just not worth it.

Thank you for your response. We still didn’t try the medication as there have been so many mixed reviews.

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