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Dairy products

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Hello! Did you ever notice that dairy products triggers your kids ADHD? I started to give milk to my son few months ago and that’s when we noticed some changes. We stopped but the school gives him milk every day(

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Our son was on a very.. very strict diet that included no milk. There was no difference in his ADHD.. in fact he was sicker than before so they re-introduced yogurt and he started to do much better. Best of luck

Oh wow.

Hi there, we choose to give our son almond cashew milk but he has other dairy products we haven’t noticed a difference there BUT when he has any artificial coloring such as the red coloring that is in so many things he has a very bad hyper active reaction and can’t control his self sour patch kids gummy bears and fruit snacks are a Huge NO for us store bought baked goods with colored sprinkles give a reaction also, know certain foods and colorings can trigger a reaction for different people. So definitely could be a thing. Good luck.

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🙏🏼 thank you. Definitely will check the ingredients

Good job paying attention to this change. Food sensitivities & food allergies can exacerbate ADHD symptoms. You may want to tell the school that he has an allergy & completely eliminate dairy from your son's diet. Eliminate dairy for three weeks and then reintroduce it. Symptoms can show up immediately or within days. You can also ask an allergist for testing (good for allergies) but an elimination diet and reintroduction is the gold standard for sensitivities.

Yes dairy makes it worse

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