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hi everyone = I am new here - I have just been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 48 and the specialist has suggested medication. it would be really helpful to me to hear of peoples experiences. thank you x

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I think you are on the ADHD parents' board...perhaps there is one for adults?

Regardless, with most ADHD stimulant meds, they come in short acting and long acting formulations, at most lasting 12 hours. It couldn't hurt to try if your physician recommends it! Medication can be a lengthy trial and error process, at least for most kids. Be prepared to be patient to find the right med(s) for you.

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Ah thank you! Sorry about that! X

My daughter is 22 and she has inattentive adhd. The meds made ALL THE DIFFERENCE FOR HER. She can focus and is extremely productive and alert when taking Vyvanse. It WAS a process finding the right meds for her though. I tried the generic route because Vyvanse is super expensive but the generics (aderrall and concerta) made her feel bad. Vyvanse works really well for her - It's extended release. As an adult with adhd, I highly suggest you try medication. You might be amazed. Vyvanse is a great medication and so is Dyanavel. Neither is generic so they are expensive but maybe your insurance is better than mine! Good luck

Thank you! This is really helpful. X I will speak to my doctor. I have heard some really positive things about vynase.

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VYVANSE is a really good med to try. Unfortunately it has a lot of the same side effects as others like appetite suppression and insomnia. If the drug works for you there are ways to help get through those. Another one that is made by the same person who made Vyvanse is Azstarys. It just came out in July. It's on the methylphenidate side works in 30 min and last all day. 70% prodrug that makes it last all day. Has a smooth release so appetite suppression and insomnia isn't as bad as the others. Of the patients who switched to it many are saying they are actually hungry again and are able to sleep at night. These are the two I would recommend trying.... Vyvanse or Azstarys.

Good luck in your journey. Most medication you try are short acting and are out of your body within 3-4 hours. Their goal is to help stop the negative symptoms of ADHD. If you try it and have a positive experience (many people say very good things about it) then you can get longer lasting medication.

But if the experience ( please give it a few weeks) is negative you know that type of medication doesn't help you.

All of us are unique in what type of medication helps and how long we need it.

Please if you try medication, share your experience with us.

Best of luck!

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