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Endeavor Rx and/or Mightier - feedback?

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Hello Parent and Caregivers,

Has anyone tried Endeavor Rx and/or Mightier with their ADHD child? Interested to hear any feedback. Thanks!

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nnej3 in reply to elisacg0

Thank you!

I had used Mightier with my son a couple years ago. I really like it, both in theory and in the support I could get. My son at the time (I think he was 8ish) didn't like that the armband had to be snug to work, and got irritated at the interruption of the game for the breathing exercises, so he didn't want to use it. We were able to adjust how often it pinged his heart rate to do that less often and that helped a little, but ultimately I canceled the service. I think the platform has changed since then so I'm not sure you can speak to consultants the same way anymore. (I haven't done much research on the newer Endeavor product but I'm guessing it works on a similar theory?)

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nnej3 in reply to MomofOne13

Appreciate the feedback! Thank you!

I was interested in EndeavorRX as well. I had my sons dr give the RX for it but once I saw the price I wanted to hear more Real parent’s testimonies on its effectiveness….

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nnej3 in reply to CatzBCrazy

Totally agree! I would love to learn more before paying the price.

Mightier just pissed my kid off at first. He was 4 or 5. Eventually it helped a little bit but not enough to make a difference.

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nnej3 in reply to Klmamma

Thank you for sharing! Sorry it was unhelpful!

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