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Parent training resources?

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What are the best resources you’ve found to help you better parent your adhd child? I’m struggling to manage the emotional meltdowns, and other typical adhd issues. I’ve done tons of reading already, so now I’m looking for something in person: parent training, working with a therapist, etc. Basically I need something to help me to help him, because more often than not I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.

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I was going to mention Additude magazine if you haven't started using that. Lots of great resources through there. We found a behavioral therapist who was good for my sons emotional outbursts at a young age. He's now 13 and it's seemed to have helped him and us as his parents. Maybe your area has in person support groups. There's may also be institutes or clinics that specialize in ADHD. Good luck!


Google Pax GBG and Paxis Institute in Arizona. Their behavior programs are for every child but because GBG changes the brain in teaching kids self-control, it has proven that it can reduce ADHD and other classifications. While GBG is intended for elementary school teachers, portions of it are now available for free on Youtube. These tools are what I call the "bells and whistles" that go along with GBG. Each one has been researched, tested and refined. A doctor Dennis Embry combed through the behavior world finding things that worked and reducing them to their smallest components that are the nuggets that can't be misused or misunderstood. In 1999 at the Columbine Shooting Conference he met a Johns Hopkins professor Shep Kellum, who had used GBG in a study of Baltimore first graders in 1984 and followed the kids for 15 years. GBG was a brain changer and Embry tweaked it and improved it. These tools will make your life better and help improve your kids behaviors, but the GBG part actually changes the structure of the prefrontal cortex where decision making and self-control are developed. GBG actually exercises the brain in self-control by getting kids excited in class by winning team contests in which the prize is a physical activity e.g jumping jacks. and then having them get back to work. Done several times a day, the kids develop their own control instead of a teacher having to tell them to sit down. This then has tremendous effects on behavior all through their lives.

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Hello! Look up ADHD Dude.

I second ADHD dude! He just came out with a parent training website. Content gets right to the point and he knows his stuff. Its extremely affordable so it doesnt hurt to atleast give it a try. He also has lots of videos on YouTube you can watch beforehand to see if you like his style☺

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